When it began…

Ok, I’ve gone back and forth about this long enough. I’m going ot get this thing started and see what happens.

Basically, this is a blog that I have started up. The purpose of this blog is very simple. I’m a Junior (first year) student at San Francisco Theological Seminary (ironically located in San Anselmo). During my classes this second semester, I’ve noticed a pattern. My notes tend to be about 1/2 class notes and 1/2 my own reflections upon or responses to what is going on in class at the time. I mentioned this to a friend and fellow student, and he said that I should put these notes into a blog and post them.

I’ve thought about it off and on for about a week now, and have decided to give it a try.

The format is very simple. I will periodically post when something has caught my attention in connection with my classwork here at SFTS. Anyone can read my posts, and then if they wish they can comment.

I’m not going to censor my own posts or the posts that others leave – at least for now. I don’t really expect to need to, but I thought I’d be clear about that. If there is a lot of response to this blog (which I consider to be a community blog – it exists for whoever is interested), then I’ll put some time into it and really maintain it. If it flops, oh well – but I think it is probably worth a try

So, here we go!

(for my first few posts, please be patient if I change little things as I get used to this blogging tool)

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