The Vile And Pernicious Heresy of Arianism

It seems that once again, we must revisit this most serious threat to our blessed orthodoxy. It seems that, once again, the enemies of Christ have risen up to denigrate His work.

You see, it is enough for the Arian to consider Christ to be a groovy dude, his divinity a mere switch that awaits a flick of God’s finger to activate at the opportune time. To the Arian, Christ is less than God. Christ is derivative of God. What this means is that Christ is not a true Incarnation. Christ is, at best, posessed.

There is no salvific work if Christ is not God. And if Christ is God, then Christ must be coeternal with God, the same in substance and in nature, equal in every way, and yet distinct in personhood. This is the very claim that our orthodoxy made when Arius first reared his ugly head, and the claim that we continue to make to this day.

Perhaps an Arian can hide his dispicable views behind the false veneer of monotheism – and I say he is welcome to it! There are many wonderful monotheisms that the Arian might be a member of. Perhaps these other monotheisms are recruiting, and will be able to tolerate the absurd heresies with a more lenient theology.

For Christianity, however, there is no place for the Arian. The Arian denies what the Christian insists is absolutely necessary to salvation – that God and Christ are one. While the Arian is of course free to hold these views, there is no place for such foolishness in the body of Christ. I hear there is plenty of room in Hell for those who deny the work of Christ, and doubtless the Enemy enjoys the company of Arians – he does seem to raise them up now and then, after all.

If you must, you may go here and take a moment to study the twisted lies spewed forth by the Arian in his natural habitat…

3 thoughts on “The Vile And Pernicious Heresy of Arianism

  1. good point with the title – i had the title in the “link” linei think because this is just tongue-in-cheek, i’m going to be pretty extreme whichever side i’m defending because i think that’s often funnier. i mean, my advocacy of Pelagianism was pretty absurd, just in the other direction.orthodoxy to me is sort of like the flag in a sanctuary to you – i don’t like idolatry.


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