Name changed to protect the innocent

This blog’s name has changed because the previous one, I realized, was dumb. This one might be as well, but I like it a bit better. It isn’t clever, but I’m too distracted to go for clever right now.

Speaking of gaming, here are the forms that it takes in my life right now:

My wife and I recently invested in a PS2 and I am only beginning to sample its pleasures, principle among which is Grand Theft Auto (for me) and Dance Dance Revolution (for her).

I am currently running a Mage: the Ascension game with friends from the seminary and other friends from the wider community. This is probably my favorite tabletop system to run, but it is also very challenging to manage and still pull off a good game that everyone enjoys. We’ll see how this one goes.

I play too much World of Warcraft, and am actually getting a little bored with some aspects of the game. Oddly, I find MMORPGs to be soothing and therapeutic, for the most part, especially considering how less frustrating WoW is compared to, say, EverCrack. (Currently I have characters on the Thorium Brotherhood RP server, in case anyone who reads this is interested.)

I am also helping a friend run an online Vampire the Masquerade game. Like my Mage game, it is pretty heavy in house rules and ideas taken from other games. Honestly, I’ve been really lax in my work for this game and I need to make myself more helpful.

Finally, years ago two friends and I started work on a table-top game, complete with a new rules system and setting, called Epic. Unfortunately, interest lagged for them and I have since been going it on my own. For a couple of years I had a very cushy coffee-house job and could devote lots of time to working on the system between customers. What has become clear is that this is a huge amount of work, and I have since mostly lacked the discipline and the time to stick to it. I think there’s a reason that there are lots of people mentioned who work on a given gaming system or setting. I wrote a 100+ page novel for NaNoWriMo last year, and I can say that this has proven much more difficult.

So, that’s the basic story. I’m still sketching out how I plan to use this blog. Though I doubt that anyone is reading this, if you are, feel free to comment.

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