Welcome, Mage players, to Ascension Endgame. This is a little experiment to see if it enhances the game. If not, its easy to drop.

I’ve mentioned some outside writing for the game for each of you, and this is where it will be published for other players to read and (hopefully) enjoy. I’ll also be writing some things that may be revelant to the game here, but nothing here is going to be crucial to the story, plot, etc. This is just embellishment, and an opportunity for people to earn a little extra experience along the way.

So I’m going to write/post something first having to do with what’s going on right now in-game, and we’ll go from there. If you have any suggestions, let me know by commenting here, emailing me at fantang7@hotmail.com, talking to me in person, passing me a note, whatever.

One thought on “Go!

  1. ok, here we go. i’ll be commenting on my own posts, explaining what was going in with each of them (in some cases, nothing, but we’ll get to that). i’ve decided to start early, since we’re looking at ending relatively soon (from my pov) and this will be a lot of work – explaining 60 posts to date, with more to come no doubt before the end.so, here we go…


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