Agent Door [EO 1368041], Trinity Amalgam, Manhattan Office


Followed up on the RD gathering in SoHo as requested. Made the usual overture and received the usual response. Unfortunately, a young Akashic provoked an altercation which was resolved with moderate force. During the altercation, a NYPD officer entered the building and began demanding that we put down our weapons, we are under arrest, etc. We can only assume he had some RD status, or was perhaps modified, in order to locate the meeting. He fired on me while I was neutralizing the Akashic attack and maneuvering to avoid fire from what looked like a couple of Etherites or Adepts. Fortunately I suffered only minor wounds. Unfortunately, it appears that we may have resistors on our hands.

Regardless, as per specifications the data was uploaded from the HIT-Marks’ memory banks for processing. Both sustained some damage, and one will require moderate repairs before it is ready to be redeployed. I’ve already been cleared by Health Services for minor gunshot wounds. Due to loss of functionality on the more damaged Mark there may have been some data corruption, but I don’t think it will be that serious.

Am awaiting recommendations for further action and have currently turned to other pressing matters. Will keep you informed of my progress on all active projects and open investigations. Fallout-control seems to have been effective in the aftermath of this incident – its all in my annotated report attached to this update.

A final thing – we may have a problem with another of the Akashics. It appears that one Soto Daimyo is becoming an escalating threat to our Program. Operation Hydra was quite thorough, but there is always residual work to be done.

I await your reply.


Reply To: EO 1368041
From: Control

Proceed with all authorized activities until further notice. Trinity Amalgam will be reconstituted in 3-4 days’ time, at which point further instructions will be sent. EO 1270010 will be reassigned as your superior and EO 1450752, a new recruit, will be sent for her first field assignment.

The data uploaded from the HITMarks assigned to you was useful but inconclusive. Please advise on the Spacetime anomaly which interrupted your threat neutralization – its source can be inferred but not conclusively determined.

On a more personal note, Agent Winter looks forward to working with you again. We expect a high level of accomplishment from Trinity Amalgam. Do not disappoint us.

2 thoughts on “Agent Door [EO 1368041], Trinity Amalgam, Manhattan Office

  1. this was basic foreshadowing. the comment here says it all for me. it was supposed to start introducing the Technocracy, and Agent Door, HitMarks, and of course Agent Winter. i also wanted to do things like this periodically to help me maintain a sense of how the Technocracy works; its “voice” so to speak, in my head at least.


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