The following is jotted down in Howard's notebook:

Interesting. The quantum wave form destabilizes if I calibrate it beyond point four five. Unless I...

(A string of incredibly complicated mathematical statements follows.)

That would seem to indicate an affective relationship between the human will and reality. But that's impossible. Unless...

(a second string of absurdly complex mathematical statements and formulae)

... No. That can't possibly be it. If that were true, there'd be no limits to what could be accomplished, and all scientific laws go out the window. There must be an underlying principle.

(A string of math)

... huh. Similar to the way an observer alters what is observed by the act of observing? Maybe. I'll need to perform a few additional tests to be sure, but if this is saying what I think it's saying, it could change everything. EVERYTHING.

(results of various tests and measurements that show the quantum wave form [whatever that is] going well beyond point four five, and a final string of math)

I see. I see now. There's an underlying element here. I had thought it just another form of energy, but clearly it's something distinct, and the human will has an affective relationship with it! I wonder if it's just humans, or if all sentient life can affect it like this? Have I just stumbled across the building blocks of *energy?*

This, this opens up whole new fields of potential application! Howard, you are a genius! (this last is underlined and quadruple exclamation pointed)

One thought on “Howard

  1. and i always like ‘hearing’ what PCs are thinking about what magic is and how it works. thats a huge part of mage, anyway, particularly when mages interact.(and yes, this is one place where i play out my discomfort with orthodoxies.)


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