September 4th,

You’ll never believe where I am…a magically haunted mansion! And full of other alive people who can do magic, well at least some of them. For some reason there’s also a scientist, my detective neighbor who’s only magical ability is finding the bottom of a bottle, and some guy Joe (although I think there might be something to Joe).

I’ve seen the most amazing things happen today! I want to tell my friends so bad, but I’m not sure if they’d believe me. (Not to mention I think Mr. Bossy Prick O’Brennan got them thrown in prison or something.) I mean casting charms and making philters is one thing, but stopping time!?! Sometimes I think my head will crack from the immensity of it all.

There’s this dreamy cool magic guy Michael, but I just have the strong feeling he’s not at all interested…in general…it’s not just me. But anyway, back to magic…I feel like I’ve been trying so hard these last few weeks to give direction to my new abilities, whatever they might really be; I really hope these people can give me some direction soon. Although, I read the scientists’ mind today!! He totally denied it, but I know that I read him right! Tonto..

Well, it’s getting late, and Joe seems to be sleeping in the protective circle I cast around his bed…poor freaked out guy. I can’t even imagine what dreams I might have tonight! Dios mio, what a cool (yet still frightening) day… Hasta luego.

One thought on “Sway

  1. i always love what i think of as “player buy-in” in a game – players taking ownership of the game, to a degree, and interacting with it ‘off-camera’. it favors those who have more free time, but i think it adds a lot.


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