Variations on the Apocalypse

There are three fundamental metaphysical forces that give rise to everything in the Tellurian – Dynamism, Stasis and Entropy.

Often, these are placed in a sort of logical order – Dynamism always creating anew, Stasis sustaining what is created and giving it shape, Entropy converting that shape into the fundamental void, out of which Dynamism creates…etc. This is one way to conceptualize the Tellurian metaparadigmatically.

Unfortunately, this only describes a homeostatic condition in the Tellurian. When you have the influence of Enlightened Will to take into consideration, the possibility for fundamental disharmony increases exponentially. This disharmony, if unchecked, will ultimately lead to one of three metaparadigmatic singularities and an essential end-time scenario for the Tellurian.

Singularity 1: Dynamic. In this situation, there is only the principle of change but no ordering principle. One example might be a Big Bang that quickly collapses back on itself to explode outward again, but each time the fundamental rules of physical matter change slightly, so the process never leads to a meaningful universe such as we have now. In fact, slight variations in any of the physical laws that seem to be fundamental to the universe, but which are paradoxically undefinable at this time, would lead to such a situation. This is a scenario that one might associate with Marauders and some Tradition members who seek change for its own sake without thought to consequences.

Singularity 2: Static. In this situation, all of the Tellurian becomes ordered in the same way. That is, in reference to the above Singularity, the rules of physical reality are defined, forcibly so perhaps, so that a radical determinism becomes possible – knowing all variables, a suitably intelligent consciousness could predict all future events. This makes the selfsame future events fundamentally meaningless. Variability of causal chains is the only thing that makes experience worthwhile and meaningful as such. So, with a stroke, nothing matters whatsoever, there are no unforseen changes, and ultimately, no meaningful changes at all. The universe dies a static meaning-death. This is the secenario that one might envision with the ultimate victory of the Technocracy in the Ascension War. It is, perhaps, the necessary outcome of their own Program.

Singularity 3: Entropic. This one is very simple, and it is one that is currently paradigmatic among some mundane cosmologists. Commonly referred to as “heat death”, it is a situation where all matter and energy degrade into heat through the process of physical entropy. They have not perceived forces that might counteract this process short of a universe where dark matter forces a collapse back into a singularity, at which point perhaps there is a new Big Bang. If mass is insufficient to accomplish this before heat death, however, or if the acceleration of the universe is too great, then this entropic singularity is the necessary outcome. The Nephandi refer to this end-state as the Void, that from which all came and to which all will return for eternity. It is one end which they actively seek to bring about as quickly as possible. Their purposes are unknown – one must assume that there is something behind this basides blind nihilism, but perhaps that is naive.

It stands to reason that if one of these Singularities were to seriously threaten, it would behoove all conscious beings to resist it. The only hope for the Tellurian is a homeostatic condition. If there is any hope for the Tellurian at all. It is quite possible that one of these singularities are the necessary end-point for what many postulate also had a beginning-point – i.e., the Tellurian.

Which leaves us with the unanswerable question – why is there something rather than nothing? But that is beyond the scope of this brief treatment – or of any other.

One thought on “Variations on the Apocalypse

  1. this is, of course, introducing one of the overall ideas of the entire game which would define a lot of what happened on the “meta” level. it was originally more closely linked to joe’s Destiny, but i found that it was hard to incorporate that, and so things went more in the direction of what Howard and Alistair wanted to do. the theme stayed, but it had to play out in a way that i hadn’t expected – at this point at least.also, as a lot of these are just me taking a chance to play with a “voice” and see how it “sounds”.


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