This is a story fragment that may not go anywhere…

Carla woke up shivering. It took her a few moments to realize that he window was still open, letting in frigid winter air. For a few moments she laid in indecision, thinking of the waiting cold of her room, looming thickly, and the little layer of warmth she had under her blanket. Her mind slowly cleared of the fog of sleep and she realized she had to face the cold now in order to prevent future, more extreme cold later. She smirked at her ethical decision, then grimaced and flung herself clumsily out of bed and toward the window. She pushed the curtain aside and pulled the window down and closed with a thunk and immediately retreated back to her bed, shivering.

She curled into a ball and gritted her teeth and tried to think warm thoughts as her skin prickled with the cold. Sleeping puppies. Baking. Summer sunlight. Hot shower. Mexican food. Slowly her body was able to relax. She briefly considered going to the closet for a coat to wear to bed.

She noticed the room was strangely bright for nighttime. She had left the curtain askew and it let in light from outside. It had the clean, bluish cast of moonlight but seemed strangely intense. It was because of the light that she could see movement outside.

A long shadow rolled across her bedroom floor, and she strained and heard a solf crunching outisde in the icy snow that had fallen a few days ago.

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