Agent River, EO [1571189], Trinity Amalgam, Manhattan Office

The plane touched down smoothly and I disembarked without any trouble. I just had my one small carry-one with…necessities and my few personal effects. Everything else will be waiting for me at HQ.

Its an international flight but I don’t have to worry about customs. Not anymore, anyway. I just flash my ID and go on through. I think about how, soon, this will be how it is everywhere. People trusting each other. I smile.

There’s an SUV waiting for me with a Mark-VI in the passenger seat that opens the door for me. Its just me back there. I guess I’ll be briefed once I reach the office.

I’ve never been to New York before. The city that never sleeps. I’m excited and nervous about the new posting. The lights are on, making the city burn with a yellowish nimbus of pollition, humidity and electricity. Closer up, as we drive through, it is beautiful and filthy and alive. I’ve been in bigger cities, but there’s only one New York. And now I’m here.

I get to HQ, the usual sort of building with a little more security than I’m used to. It makes sense, though, considering where it is. I’ve communicated with my new Amalgam of course, but we haven’t met in person. I know its overrated, but I still like personal contact. Its easier to understand who someone is when they’re not mediated through layers of digital representation, no matter how lifelike the representations are.

[There is a section here that is deleted and unrecoverable]

After meeting Agents Winter and Door, as well as the Security Director and a few others, I settle into my new office and am brought up to speed on the local protocols, passwords, etcetera. This is really different from my previous research positions. My sidearm is upgraded and returned to me – a new model has just come out. They know I’m a little nervous about it, and they know why, and if there was a problem I wouldn’t be here.

Everyone here is…great. Really nice. Very welcoming.

It’s only a couple of days before my first assignment comes, right when I’m in the middle of something else. I have to hurry, and keep thinking over and over “Do I have everything? Do I have everything?”, but I do. Its just nerves. I’ll get more comfortable with this soon.

I hope all goes well. If not, they’re always watching, and they won’t let anything happen to me…that can’t be repaired.

One thought on “Agent River, EO [1571189], Trinity Amalgam, Manhattan Office

  1. introducing agent river. being killed certainly changed her. i figured, given her spheres, that she’s be able to keep herself alive with pre-configured effects, but she didn’t have the power to come back intact. on her return, she was a little bit more like one of the Risen – alive, but not in the healthy way.i liked her as someone who liked to meet in person. she was wedded more to the ‘meat’ than the average Technocrat – a natural talent with Life (Progenics) but not part of the Progenitors, so she didn’t quite have their view of it either. for her, it was still enjoyable and somewhat intuitive.


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