“You know, this will never be allowed out. They’re already monitoring allmost all of the possible channels. I think we can safely say that they’re onto us by now.” Evangelina delivers this with a smile. It’s common knowledge.

He smiles despite Himself. Something like this should come with an announcement, even if almost no one will hear, at first. There are ways to…let information escape notice, to have it emerge at just the right time. There is no innoculation against this mimetic virus. It will spark an epidemic that will change everything.

“Evie, we’ve been delayed long enough. Everyone is here. It is time.” For the event he’s wearing simple white robes. Around his neck hangs a pendant – a shimmering green stone to match the tens of thousands of others they’d cut and distributed.

The thick-walled chamber is crowded, but the many figures filling it are silent. Those who will be participating have made their preparations in advance, each at one of four stations on slightly raised platforms, ritual implements and Tass and other items arrayed about them. Hearts are beating frantically, hair is standing on end. The complex they are housed in has long since surpassed the feeling that it will shatter under the metaphysical strain. Outside hundreds of pounds of pressure per square inch press on honeycombed metal and foot-thick lucite glass.

He has chosen a technician, once known as Agent Wire, to help Him broadcast His message. It will be simulcast on multiple radio and satellite frequencies, through hundreds of websites, and through other less-mundane means. There, the message will wait, a sleeping sort of viral package, to be released at just the right time, a flower of code blossoming for those with eyes to see. He looks at the camera without blinking, the embodiment of absolute purpose.

The red light comes on, and the technician once known as Agent Wire nods slightly.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the free world, what you are witnessing is real. It is happening now, this very moment. Let it be a first testament to what is possible. It will not be the last. There are forces in this world that will do all in their considerable power to silence us, to keep you from every learning who you truly are, what you are truly capable of, if you will only give yourselves over to the vision inside you.” He pauses, and everyone is hanging on His words, shimmering in the air, sparking a desire in every mind. He is saying what they all believe. “This moment, the world is changing. On this axis, time turns. Nothing is asked of you but to believe the evidence before you. Go and see for yourself – the truth is writ large so that everyone can see and know.”

The red light is steady as the camera closes in on His face, on His certainty which radiates out from him, even through electronic media, even digitized. Then it winks out.

“One last time, Evangelina – are the wards still holding? Have they been detected?”

She smiles radiantly and shakes her head. “I don’t think they’ll know what they’re looking for until its too late.”

He turns so that His gaze encompasses all gathered in the chamber. There is a collective intake of breath. “Now, my friends, it is time for a miracle.”

The scrubbers hum softly, cycling excess carbon out of the air and releasing oxygen – almost the only sound to be heard. Those gathered would breathe warm Caribbean air soon enough.

One thought on “Scion

  1. the question here is – what happens when a bunch of powerful Marauders decide that they need to save the world from the Technocracy, recently victorious in the Ascension War? they defeated the Tradition Council, and the Nephandi have become less active since their bid for control in the mid century. so what do you do?i actually stole this idea from a friend’s Mage game because i really enjoyed it when it happened and how it impacted the game from then on. (all’s fair, he and i stole a lot from each other – in his case, my house rules and a lot of NPCs)i also wanted the echoing implication of how Atlantis disappeared, in a single day of fire and calamity, or something like that as Plato put it.the Scion, of course, has a lot more going on with him, as will become clear later on, one way or another.there are other things happening in other parts of the world, but they didn’t enter into the PCs circle of interest or investigation, so i let them drop off. this like the Dreamtime in Australia coming alive and over-running the continent with huge, mythic creatures, or the fabled Incan cities of gold appearing in Latin America, or Amerasu Omi-Kami claiming a Divine Shogunate in Japan. these are all, of course, ill-fated and doomed marauder gambits for power, but interesting nontheless to see them play out.


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