GURPS Eberron Conversion #3

I think Feats are basically covered by Advantages and certain Skills.

So, on to Dragonmarks

Each Dragonmark exists in four levels: Least, Lesser, Greater, Sibarys. Each level is 10pts. The first level includes one of a number of spells that the character can use at will and a bonus to either a Skill or, in one case, an Active Defense. I’m mostly leaving the Sibarys mark blank for now – it might be that I need to create those from scratch.

Each level of Dragonmark makes it possible for a PC to have one level of Status higher than their Wealth level might indicate. It will also help indicate how much access they might have to aid from the House in question.

The spells function as listed in GURPS Magic except that they do not require speech or movement – the only effect is that the Dragonmark in question glows brightly. The character’s effective skill with the spell is 12 regardless of IQ, but if the character also has Magery, add their Magery level to the effective skill level. (all created using GURPS Fantasy)

Each Dragonmarked House is a 25pt Patron.

Mark of Detection
Least: Detect Magic; Acute Vision +2
Lesser: See Invisible, Identify Spell, Mage Sight
Greater: Astral Vision

Mark of Finding
Least: Find Direction; +2 Search
Lesser: Seeker
Greater: Pathfinder

Mark of Handling
Least: Beast Soother, Beast Seeker; +2 Animal Handling
Lesser: Beast Speech, Rider, Beast Link
Greater: Beast Summoning, Beast Posession

Mark of Healing
Least: Stop Bleeding, Awaken; +2 Physician
Lesser: Minor Healing, Cure Disease, Neutralize Poison
Greater: Major Healing, Restore [choose one]
Sibarys: Restoration, Regeneration

Mark of Hospitality
Least: Purify Food, Preserve Food; +2 Carousing or Diplomacy
Lesser: Create Food
Greater: Essential Food

Mark of Making
Least: Awaken Craft Spirit, Inspired Creation, +2 to one Craft Skill
Lesser: Repair, Shatterproof
Greater: Rebuild

Mark of Passage
Least: Haste, Quick March; +2 Navigation
Lesser: Teleport
Greater: Teleport Other, Rapid Journey

Mark of Scribing
Least: Copy, Message; +2 Writing
Lesser: Mind-Sending, Scribe
Greater: Gift of Letters, Communication

Mark of Sentinel
Least: Sense Danger, Watchdog; Improved Parry +1
Lesser: Shield, Armor, Missile Shield
Greater: Resist [element], Force Dome

Mark of Shadow
Least: Darkness, Simple Illusion, Illusion Disguise; +2 Stealth
Lesser: Far-Seeing, Far-Hearing, Create Object [shadow]?
Greater: Invisible Wizard Eye, Body of Shadow

Mark of Storm
Least: Predict Weather, Shape Air, Air Jet, Clouds; +2 Weather Sense
Lesser: Windstorm, Wall of Wind
Greater: Storm, Sandstorm, Rain, Snow

Mark of Warding
Least: Mage Lock, Sense Observation; +2 Observation
Lesser: Teleport Shield, Force Wall, See Secrets
Greater: ?

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