GURPS Eberron Conversion #4

Rather than do actual full write-ups for the base Classes, I went and found some Skills and Advantages (and invented some) that would in some way replicate or represent the abilities that the base Classes all have. Using GURPS rules for the classes amounts to a nerfing of some of them because the way the system’s balance works is different. Here’s what I have so far: (invented things are in italics and are my attempts to use the GURPS rules creatively)

Barbarian: + Basic Move, Enhanced Dodge, DR +1 or +2, Danger Sense, Illiteracy (-3/language), Barbarian Rage (spend 8 Fatigue for +2 ST and +2 HT for one minute – combination of Might and Vigor) [10pts], Berserker

Bard: Enthrallment – Captivate, Persuade, Suggest, Sway Emotions; Hidden Lore, Musical Magery (-50%), Song Magery (-40%), Bardic Immunity [10]

Cleric: Blessed, True Faith, Power Investiture (-20% see Domains), Disciplines of Faith, Vows, Duty, Patron

Druid: Animal Empathy, Alternate Forms (templates around 50pts each) [15pts each], Trackless Step (Light Tread, 4 FP to cast and 1 to maintain, 10 minute duration) [5pts], Wilderness Stride (Walk Through Plants, 3FP to cast and 1 to maintain, 1 minute duration) [5pts], Power Investiture (-20%), Ally: Animal Companion, Disciplines of Faith, Vows, Duty, Patron

Fighter: Pretty straightforward – maybe Trained by a Master

Monk: Trained by a Master (and the Skills it enables you to have), + Basic Move, Enhanced Dodge, Vows, Disciplines of Faith, Esoteric Medicine, Meditation, Acrobatics, Immune to Metabolic Hazards, Unaging, DR +1, Teleport [10pts], Body of Air [10pts]

Paladin: True Faith, Leadership, Power Investiture, Vows, Disciplines of Faith, Duty, Patron, Blessing, Smite Evil (Innate Attack, Melee -30%, 1hr Recharge -30%, Common Trigger -20%) [2pts per 1d], Lay on Hands (Minor Healing, 1FP per HP up to 3, skill 12) [10pts], Luck, Ally: Mount

Ranger: Tracking, Animal Empathy, Ally: Animal Companion, Fit/Very Fit, Camoflage, Chameleon, Talent: Favored Enemy [5/lvl]

Rogue: Danger Sense, Enhanced Dodge, Sneak Attack (Innate Attack, -30% Melee, -20% Trigger) [4pts/1d]

Sorcerer/Wizard: Magery, Ally: Familliar

Artificer: Enchantment Magery, Making and Breaking Magery, Artificer Talent, Alchemy. Definitely needs work

One thought on “GURPS Eberron Conversion #4

  1. I think all these adaptations are pretty sweet… and the more I think about it the more Eberron is suited to a GURPS game because it is so low-level. It makes it difficult to run long campaigns in D20 because the characters are bound to get so ridiculously powerful that they can't interact with normal society. In GURPS though, it's a bit more gritty, a bit more unlikely characters get completely out of hand.

    The only thing I don't like is that GURPS isn't good for high-action adventure type stuff because the die rolls are so average. We need a mechanic like action points that enables outrageous stuff to happen ala pulp cinema…


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