GURPS Eberron Conversion #5

Power Investiture and Divine Domains

In the Classes post, you might notice that Power Investiture for Clerics and Druids is -20% cost. This because they cast from a limited number of Colleges depending on the deity they serve, or, in the case of Druids, because they serve the forces of nature directly.

Because Healing is supposed to be the sole purview of Divine casters in D&D (and Bards?…etc.), and this is reflected in the Eberron setting, add the Healing College to each of these lists, giving each one three ‘Domains’ total.

The Silver Flame: Fire or Protection and Warning, Necromancy (for Eberron’s Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers)

Arawai: Air, Plant
Aureon: Communication and Empathy, Knowledge
Balinor: Animal, Earth
Boldrei: Communication and Empathy, Food
Dol Arrah: Communication and Empathyl, Protection and Warning
Dol Dorn: Body Control, Making and Breaking
Kol Korran: Mind Control, Movement
Olladra: Communication and Empathy, Illusion and Creation

Devourer: Making and Breaking, Water
Fury: Body Control, Mind Control
Keeper: Knowledge, Necromancy
Mockery: Illusion and Creation, Mind Control
Shadow: Knowledge, Meta
Traveler: Illusion and Creation, Movement

Blood of Vol: Body Control, Necromancy

Dragon Below: Earth, Mind Control

Path of Light: Knowledge, Protection and Warding

Undying Court: Necromancy, Protection and Warning

Druids: Animal, Plant

–> Not listed with any Deity: Enchantment, Gate, Sound, Technological

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