Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new world.

I am currently broadcasting from Atlantis, which is going to be a permanent addition to Earth’s topography. Obviously, this is the culmination of a great deal of effort and sacrifice, but I think the symbol will ultimately prove quite fitting. (there are dull booms sounding somewhere in the background and reverberating faintly in the message)

As you can see on your television, we are in the midst of quite a conflict. At a certain point, we can’t hide anymore, and it isn’t as if the Technocracy hasn’t had fair warning. We have been very clear and honest from the beginning, really.

When I last broadcast to all of you, I spoke of the Scion, and of the signs and wonders which he would be working in the near future. I apologize for the delay – it has taken longer than anticipated to prepare everything, but I’m sure you can imagine the enormity of what we had to accomplish.

The first sign, of course, was the Kraken. I hope you enjoyed that as much as we did. Its amazing what you can find swimming around in these trenches in the Bermuda Triangle. We though an attack on a Technocratic front would be most appropriate – and that floating research platform was too close for comfort, as you can now see on any satellite feed.

The second sign was what we call the Exodus. A surprising number of people in the world go through life waiting for some sign of a great change. They see the emptiness of the current paradigm and long for something more, some bright future where they won’t be cogs in someone else’s wheel. We simply gave them a vision, and many of them chose to follow it. You see, Atlantis is not only the heart of the Rogue Council – it is a new society, a new way of being, and there are those who are already prepared to live this new life.

The third sign was the Fiery Star, the Herald as we call it. We did not summon it, but it was forseen, and we organized our efforts to coincide with its appearance in the sky. To those of us with eyes to see, it is a great omen for what is now soon to come. For the Sleepers, it is little more than an astronomical curiosity, a metaor that will circle the Earth for a time and then be pulled away by the distant gravity of the sun as we come closer to it in our orbit. By then, however, I think a great deal will have changed.

The fourth and final sign was, of course, Atlantis rising from the sea. Hiding the fact and accomplishing it were equally difficult, and have taken a great deal of concerted effort from all of us. Here we are, however, and we are here to stay.

Those of you who still have your gems have a decision to make in the near future, and we want to be as clear as we can about what you are getting into.

The Rogue Council stands for two things – freedom and change. Freedom from overpowering paradigms of all kinds, from the Technocracy and the Nephandi and whatever forces seek to make the world in their own image. To this end, we stand for change – lasting, fundamental change that doesn’t simply calicify and stagnate but leads to ever more openness, ever more possibility.

There are three things we think you should know.

The first is that fewer and fewer people are Awakening as time goes on. Since the Ascension War began, the number of people who Awaken as a percentage of the total human population has fallen sharply and consistently. We believe this is due to the Technocracy’s stifling influence on the world, and we believe we must do whatever we can to stop it.

The second is that the end of the world is coming. You can see it as a looming storm, a last battle, a cutting of all but a precious few threads of fate and time. As the end comes nearer, we will see more clearly. We believe this ending is the result of an imbalance of the forces of the universe that occurs when any single paradigm becomes controlling. Again, we lay this fact at the feet of the Technocracy, and will do whatever is necessary to see that the end does not come – for us, at least.

The third is something that, until now, was known only to a select few very powerful individuals in the Technocracy. Some of you know Mr. Omura. He was the head head of Control, which is the governing board of all of the Technocratic Conventions. He was originally in the Syndicate, and is the main reason that many of you are watching the news on machines built in Japan. He was by far the most powerful individual on the plant, perhaps in all of human history.

And he is dead. The head of the Technocracy is dead.

We believe that these three main reasons, beyond personal grievances which we certainly will not deny, are more than enough cause to take the measures we have taken, and will take from now on. The Ascension War is indeed over – this has become a struggle for survival. The Technocracy must fall, and it will fall.

The Technocracy was taken by surprise, but they are now organizing to fight the biggest threat they have ever faced. We are that threat, and we will survive this first onslaught, and we will prevail.

One last note before I return to the defense. We’ve decided that the gems we have sent are yours to keep, though in the coming weeks and months they maybe become quite a liability. Whether you join us or not, keep them, and perhaps we will speak in the future. For those who wish to join us, now is the time. We will bind ourselves together in the coming days and organize our counter-offensive. Rogue Councils are already forming in major cities around the world, and we will coordinate through them in the future. For those of you who join us, we will give you information on where to find these Councils or how to contact them. Our fates will be bound together, and you will be part of the greatest revolution the world has ever known.

For those of you who do not join us…if you aid the Technocracy or its pogrom, you are our enemy. You have been warned, and we are deadly serious. We are not taking prisoners any more than the Technocracy has in the past.

If you remain neutral we will not seek you out either way. Do what you wish. We hope you will come to enjoy the new world that others will fight and die to create. You may even come to see that the very power that you have is dependent on our victory, that if we lose, all Awakened beings, all conscious beings, lose.

(The image freezes in place and crackles with a static-electricity sound, then skips a bit and resumes)

…of course leading our defense, but I assure you, you will come to know Him.

For now, goodbye.

(The gems go suddenly dark and there is a knock at the apartment door.)

2 thoughts on “Evangelina

  1. indeed it was, and did.a huge amount of power and effort went into the Atlantis thing, but in the end, it was liberal use of Resonance that made it happen. it was located in the Middle Umbra, then partitioned off from the rest of the Umbra with powerful wards that were then hidden by other wards. then it was slowly interwoven, using Prime, with the nodes that existed in the area that it would occupy-mostly small ones that had escaped exploitation and had come under the control of a powerful Marauder who was instrumental in this – Poseidon. (the Kraken was his pet)the main source of power came, seemingly miraculously, through the Scion himself. he is, among other things, a living Node, who seemed, at that moment, to have access to limitless power.a bunch of dice were rolled (in my imagination)and a lot of paradox was accruedAtlantis was made material, then brought through the Gauntlet (the Scion is another Storm Warden), then ‘solidified’ to the present reality in various ways.as for the Exodus, that was just the Rogue Council exploiting desperate people, using their desire for change and wonder and magic in the world to power their rote to raise Atlantis. thousands of people chanting on the beaches for days was pretty good.they got the chant out by releasing viral memes with Entropy and Mind that would find people who were amenable to the idea and teach them this chant – in the language of Atlantis, of course.the Fiery Star, of course, has nothing to do with the Rogue Council, but is the general herald of the End Times in the world of darkness.


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