Text Msg from [Katherine]

(All PCs receive the following at exactly the same time, shortly after the end of the last session – so Sylvia and Howard will receive it when you wake up.)

Hello! Thank you for verifying your connection to the Tradition Council Network. Don’t worry, its encrypted pretty thoroughly – but I wouldn’t push it either because of You Know Who. Anyway, the Council is currently in session over recent events, but they wanted to inform everyone that they are to stay away from agents of the Rogue Council as well as recent converts, including but not limited to Morihei Yammada, Noboru, Jessica Suarez, Molly M, Malik Shabazz, and any of their disciples, followers, allies, etc. They are to be considered anathema to the Tradition Council, and given the situation, should be avoided for your safety. Speaking of safety, we don’t recommend going into Harlem or Central Park at this time. There is also a Rogue Council agent provocateur in the city inducting defectors, and any information regarding his or her whereabouts or identity should be forwarded to the Tradition Council ASAP. In the meantime, we hope to ride out the present chaos and not get caught in the Rogue-Technocrat crossfire. As you were! Bye!

3 thoughts on “Text Msg from [Katherine]

  1. [Katherine]

    Hmm. That’s not good. Ok. (brief pause) Ok, no signals from their phones, but the last ping was in that neighborhood. So, no good. If they didn’t go to make trouble, we’ll hope they didn’t get much trouble in return. When they get back, you should scan them hardcore for bombs, new scars, that sort of thing. Assumed they’ll be tracked and that all sorts of things might have happened.

    The hope is that the Techies will be too busy with Atlantis et all to give us much trouble. The problem is that trouble will come to NYC and then we’ll probably have more than we care to think about. If that happens, you guys should try to shack up with a tradition, even tho I think most of you are orphans. If you have to, we can put you up, but we don’t have much in the creaure comforts.

    Oh. Gtg.


  2. the provocateur, of course, was Natasha, who did recruit Joe and Sylvia after Sylvia’s meeting with Agent Winter and Co.i thought it was interesting how little a role the traditions played in this particular game, in terms of the PCs. Howard was bitten by the political bug late in the game. Alistair was almost never interested beyond a few interactions here and there. Sway never went through a Verbena induction ceremony or anything like that. Sylvia had lots of Status but it didn’t really get used, and then was transferred to Status with the Rogue Council. and Joe…was Joe.sometimes they’re a big deal and sometimes not. but you never know. again, i should have run a game where you were all the same tradition, but that wasn’t clear until long after it was too late.


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