GURPS Eberron Conversion #7

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

Before I start converting some of the Eberron-specific equipment to GURPS values, the issue of magic items has to be addressed. In GURPS Magic it is suggested that magic items cost about $25 for every power point required to create them. Under this system, the resulting price for magic items seems to be too high for a campaign set in Eberron, considering that one of the assumption is that magical manufacturing is, if not common, then certainly widespread. For this Reason, I think that $5 per power point is more appropriate.

There is also the issue of weapon quality. In the GURPS book it says that a Fine quality weapon should cost four times the listed price ($2000 for a broadsword) and a Very Fine quality weapon should cost twenty times the listed price ($10,000 for a broadsword). In a situation where an Average person has $1000 for starting equipment, this seems a little high, especially since these items aren’t even magical, they’re just very well made.

With the Magecraft spell available to artificers and magewrights in Eberron, high-quality items will be more common becuase a crafter can magically augment his skill, meaning a much higher percentage of weaponsmiths can make masterwork-quality weapons than normal. Because of this, I prefer that Fine quality weapons cost three times the listed price and Very Fine cost ten times the listed price. The normal limitations on what weapons can be made Fine and Very Fine still apply, however, and by far the most common Fine and Very Fine weapons will be swords and perhaps bows.

As an example, adding +1 magical damage to a sword would cost $1250. You also need to have a Fine quality sword for it to be worth putting an enchantment on, and that costs $1500, for a total of $2750 (rather than $8250) for a Fine +1 broadsword (+1 to hit and +2 to damage) or $6250 (rather than $16250) for a Very Fine +1 broadsword (+2 to hit and +3 to damage) . This will make them relatively more common, and this makes sense in the Eberron setting, at least to me. They are still far beyond the means of the vast majority of the populace, but successful adventurers can be expected to have them.

Some Prices on Eberron Sourcebook Stuff
(GURPS Seems to assume that items are sized for the person in question)

Valenar double scimitar (must be Fine) $3600 sw+1 cut 5lbs

Talenta sharrash $500 sw+2 cut 7lbs

Talenta tangat [Treat as Broadsword]

Talenta/Xen’drik Boomerang (must be Fine) $1000 thr+1 same range as a javelin

Darkleaf Armor x4 cost, 1/2 weight (covers armor primarily made of metal, though full plate suits are very rare)

Leafweave Armor x4 cost, 1/2 weight (covers armor primarily made of leather)

Alchemist’s Fire/Frost/Spark/Acid $250 maybe something like 2d elemental damage with a 1 yard splash radius

Noxious Smokestick $100

Inquisitive’s Kit $300

Darkweave Clothing Comfortable Wealth level would allow this (since GURPS just assumes you have clothing that represents your wealth and status)

Glamerweave Clothing Wealthy would cover this

ID Papers $20
-with picture $120

Letter of Marque $500

Traveling Papers $10 (each time you cross national boundaries – may not cover other taxes and tariffs)

Spellcasting Services

Of course Dragonmark Houses can use their spell-like abilities, and this is probably the most common of magical service that is for sale. Even though other spellcasters, hedge wizards and the like, are probably more common, I would assume that a great way to make enemies of the Houses would be to set yourself up as an independent spellcaster for hire. If you are a spellcaster in the employ of another entity, like Morgrave University or the Church of the Silver Flame, etc., that is reflected in your pay scale which is in turn determined by your wealth/social status. Needless to say, “spellcaster” will usually be a relatively high-paying job, but if you’re poor and lack Status, you’ll just get paid less for the same spells.

As for use of Dragonmarks, I think that considering that Least Marks are relatively easy to find and Greater Marks are very rare, the cost will probably be exponentially related to the power of the mark involved – so maybe $25, $125 and $625.

Otherwise, for other spellcasters for hire, maybe the rate could be similar to Enchanting – $5 per power point required, maybe multiplied by the number of prerequisites.

Tech Level

The TL for Eberron is variable because in some cases magic augments technology and in some cases it replaces it. The TL seems to be 3+2, meaning that it is generally a 3 with modifications that bring it close to a 5 in some categories. In the categories that GURPS uses I see it as follows:

Transportation: Lightening Rail, airships, faster oceangoing vessels and riverboats, teleportation
Weapons and Armor: generally medieval but including warforged, advanced siege engines and powerful spells, grenade-like weapons
Power: bound elementals instead of steam or electricity
Biotechnology/Medicine: obviously, healing magic makes a lot of medical knowledge unnecessary, but a lot of things are curable which wouldn’t be at TL 3

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  1. Hey Anon – that sounds cool to me, I'll check it out. Not sure if I'll have the time free with other projects right now to contribute, but if you want to use what I've posted here, I'd just ask for credit to be noted somewhere.


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