Once upon a time, three friends wanted to design a roleplaying system and a setting to go with it. These three friends, myself, Adam and Dan, decided to call this system Epic, because that was the feel we were going for – the feel of epic fantasy novels or mythological narratives, stories of gods and monsters and heroes and villains on a mythic scale.

That effort quickly fell apart when Adam and Dan left the project entirely in my hands. That was in 2003.

Since I have sporadically kept working on the project. I frankly don’t know why. It is a huge undertaking, and I don’t have anywhere near the time to devote to it, or even the energy, given that I have been doing it all myself. Nontheless, I feel like I want to see it through, and I enjoy the consistent creative outlet from year to year.

I’m thinking that the next step that I’ll take with this blog is to start posting about Epic. If nothing else, it will force me to start writing more than notes, but writing for someone else to read, which will be good preparation for me to publish this game for the masses. If such a thing were to happen.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll capture the attention of people who want to help with the project. Dare I hope? Regardless, it’ll give me something to do.

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