Symptomatic Theology III: More Christology

Here is an answer I wrote for an assignment in our Formation Group class which is centered on prayer. As always, I’m not sure I love it, and I’m sure it won’t stand up to close scrutiny (it could be honed down to fewer numbered points, but that’s work for another day), but here it is, for posterity’s sake at least:

13. Who is Jesus Christ for you?

I’ll try to answer this very succinctly. 1) The manifestation/incarnation of God in the limitations of materiality 2) The demonstration of how a human being is truly to be and live and act 3) The vehicle through which God expresses the primordial aspect of the divine – the reversal of the expected status of things 4) The force and power by which divisions between human beings and each other and human beings and God are shattered 5) The eternal being of God of which we comprise the body 6) The gateway through which the Holy Spirit enters the world 7) The idea of being to which we are to aspire as Christians and 8) into which we are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit over the course of eternity 9) The source of hope and life for the oppressed, the weak, the sick, the outcast, the unclean, the pariah, etc. 10) The source of judgement for the rich, the strong, the comfortable, the confident, the popular, the accepted, the righteous, the healthy, particularly when they assume their gifts are earned and they do not use them in the service of others. 11) The first Human Being – but we hope not the last; a paragon. 12) The Word; that is, the communication or transmission of God’s self. 13) The power by which our concepts of God are put to death – the death of God, as it were. 14) The instrument by which the demonic activity of the Powers is laid bare and shown to be demonstrably evil and destructive and the radical demonstration of God’s rejection of those Powers. 15) The demonstration of the Third Way in his time and place as the only means by which violence can be overcome and evil resisted without resorting to violence and evil

3 thoughts on “Symptomatic Theology III: More Christology

  1. Yes Doug, I do love how succinct you are.Actually I think this is a very good and thought-provoking list, partially because it is so succinct that it sparks thoughts and questions without answering them. Fascinating..I can see Walter Wink in here (when you talk about the “Powers”). Neibuhr (when you talk about the death of God).An interesting thing to do now would be to take each of these items and flesh them out with a post of their own… a fascinating series I would definitely read.


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