Full Disclosure

Messages arrive on the desks of news producers all over the city. Its on the newswire. There is a press conference held, after which there are no questions allowed.

For the past thirty days, the NYPD has been investigating, with help from the FBI, a string of ritualized occult murders that have been taking place in Manhattan. The murders are accomplished by various means – some are stabbings, many shootings, two instances of poison and one small shaped charge that collapsed a section of marble wall on a man to crush him. In some cases there is sign of a struggle, but in most there is not. There is no consistent MO – some forced entries, some where there are no signs of how the killer entered the building. Security guards have no memory of suspicious activity. The police have no leads.

All victims have had their hearts cut out with surgical precision. Some were still alive when the cutting started. Some have tongues removed as well, some eyes.

This information has been difficult to gather because of the condition of the bodies when they are found. They are in an advanced state of necrosis, consistent with being dead for days, weeks, but some are found only an hour after the murder by worried employees or house help wondering what the terrible smell could possibly be. Swarms of flies, a second or third generation of maggots, bloating, discolorating, etcetera.

All of the victims have been members of high society in Manhattan, but none of them are people you’ve heard of. They are people who hold your loans, collect your debts, determine interest rates, run your investment portfolio, close your business and open it in Bangalore for a tenth as much money. The authorities hoped to be able to flush out the killer by keeping the killings secret. They wanted to avoid causing a financial panic. But the killings are escalating, coming closer together.

The killer is highly trained, educated, sociopathic, methodical. Likely has some military and some medical background. He has some way to gain access to highly secure locations and criminal experience. He is right-handed and of average height and weight. Most likely caucasian, lives alone, obsessed with death. The way the reports say “many unexplained variables” gives you the impression that they are just shy of saying “supernatural.”

Any leads you can provide are welcome.

5 thoughts on “Full Disclosure

  1. Upon hearing this, Alistair will look extremely troubled and go back to his old detective habits, tracking the case. He will look up previous obituaries, facts about the cases, time, location etc… tracking them on a map of the city. He will consider Howard’s previous fibonacci sequence deduction.Given time he will also go out and begin questioning contacts in the areas around recent murders. Looking for eyewitnesses. If he can get close to any crime scene (even an old one) he will use spirit and prime sight to try and determine who has been there and if any of them were mages. If he gets a clear whiff of resonance he’ll summon up the hounds and try and track the resonance…


  2. re: your use of Entropy, you encounter a ward that is of the nonspecific type (sphere 3) and that, on average, you won’t be able to penetrate without spending quintessence and/or willpower. that is to say, you look and find no strong connections, which you figure can’t possibly be true, and try a little harder, and don’t get any more information than that…


  3. the murderer here was Ismail. he was working for Mr Gone at this point, having been recruited to the RC and then re-recruited to the Nephandi cause because…he was that kind of guy already.he is going around executing Technocratic supporters among the mortals, high up enough to be a real sting, but not high up enough to have defenses he can’t get through. the plan here was to draw the Technocracy out and to fight them on grounds the Rogue Council chose (Ismail was still a member, and Mr Gone was still lending ‘support’).Joe was drawn to these killings to 1. connect the PCs with the subplot that would otherwise go unnoticed and 2. because its exactly what he used to do for Mr Gone, and i wanted to forshadow that, if foreshadowing is the right word for echoing something in the past…


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