Text Msg from [Katherine]

This is just an update for those of you who have been laying low lately. We’ve got a Council meeting coming up that we’d like to see you all at. There’s a lot to discuss, and we also have reason to think we might need extra security. We’ve had a contact from “Unity” – someone named Doctor Horizon. He’d like to meet with the Council to discuss something pertaining to the whole Atlantis issue. We’re figuring whether, and how, that will go down. Also we’ll have some information from Master Daimyo and Michael of the Verbena that they’d like to share with all of us. We’ll discuss recent Rogue Council developments and try to figure out what’s going on there. And whatever you all want to bring up too. We’ll have an exact date once everything is decided, and I’ll give you an update.

4 thoughts on “Text Msg from [Katherine]

  1. this was where i began to introduce a choice into the game that would determine what happened later. the PCs might have decided it was good to side with the technocracy, or at least aid them, because of the threat the Rogue Council seemed to represent. i had this in mind before i knew which PCs would join the RC, but it was going to happen almost regardless plotwise.throughout the game, one of the themes was for the Technocracy to look bad at the beginning, then for the RC to look good, the for the RC to begin to look really bad, making the Technocracy look maybe not so bad by comparison – particularly if you interacted with Technocrats who weren’t under Winter’s control


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