You were sleeping?


Interesting. I had assumed you would leave that behind as well.

No, I’ve found it still has some utility. At least for now. Until I understand exactly why, at which point I’ll replicate the effect more efficiently.

Excellent. As you are no doubt aware, the gathering is about to commence.

Of course – I had an alarm set. Are you getting impatient?

I do not get impatient.


Are you prepared? Is everything in order?

Yes. Yes everything is go.

Good. You know, this may become dangerous. There will be a window during which we will not be able to protect you.

I understand. I think the risk is understandable.

Something I never thought you would say.

That’s because, even now, you don’t really understand me.

Perhaps that is true. And, besides, risk is not something I encounter on a regular basis. Perhaps, lacking the aspect of risk, I will never truly understand. Fortunately, I do not have to understand in great detail to accomplish what must be accomplished. I only need to know that you are reliable.

Me? Yes, for this, yes. We have our agreement, and I intend to hold up my end.

Very good. This will all be over soon.

2 thoughts on “Eliot

  1. originally, Elliot was supposed to betray the Tradition Council, hoping that this would allow the Technocracy to triumph and be able to focus on the Rogue Council with the Virtual Adepts’ help. this was a dumb idea, but he can hardly be blamed – he was under the influence of Agent Winter’s mind magic, and also under the more powerful influence of Mr Gone, who knew about Winter’s influence and had turned it to his own purposes.and all this to save a spot in Reality 2.0 for himself. he was rewarded by being devoured by Mr Gone while still conscious.


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