The following is scribbled in Howard's notebook:

"It doesn't make sense. Am I to understand that instead of any scientifically reproducible effect, what I've really done to immunize myself against the effects of crossing the subspace layer that seperates our world from the local extra-dimensional space is 'fed on honey-dew, and drunk the milk of Paradise?' That would... that would suggest that...

(a complicated string of mathematical formulae follows)

But if that's the case, then observable reality isn't the whole of reality at all, and quantum physics hasn't even begun to scratch the surface of it. What if...

(another string of complex math)

OK. Let's posit that the rational mind errects a barrier around itself, with everything that it thinks possible on the inside, and everything that is either abhorrent or false on the outside. Building this wall creates the threat of chaos and falsehood, but without it, you go mad. You answer falsehood with a barrier of truth, but it's inevitable that what's outside the barrier will attempt to gain entry...

Maybe. But that would suggest that Possibility goes well beyond the barrier. Or maybe it's the function of the barrier to expand as more knowledge is gained? The Fire makes the barrier grow, encompassing more and more of the universe...

(a string of math begins here, then stops and is crossed out numerous times, and angrily)

... If everything exists, and anything is possible...
But when we observe an object, all its other possible states of being collapse into a single state. How am I to get around... unless that's just another application of the wall?

(the string of math resumes, and this time is not crossed out)

Everything exists. All things rise from Ether - even Quintessence. Ether is the true Quintessential form. Humanity filters out most of the cosmos so that it makes sense, but there's limitless potential beyond our wall... If everything exists, we need to be careful what we bring inside the wall, don't we? But it's our job to draw the Fire more and more inside the wall until every human being has access to the secrets of the universe...

(the math continues, following immediately after the above, seeming to continue the equations from above)

But that would mean...

That would mean...

(the following is bolded and triple-underlined)
Reductionism is false!

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