Brief Interlude

I think China Mieville is one of the best writers alive today, and here is a piece of an interview where he is talking about his political involvement:

“Although we revolutionary socialists are always accused of being utopian, nothing strikes me as more utopian than the reformist belief that with a bit of tinkering and some good faith, we can systematically improve the world. You have to ask how many decades of broken promises and failed schemes it will take to disprove that hope. Marxism isn’t about saying you’ll get a perfect world: it’s about saying we can get a better world than this one, and it’s hard to imagine, no matter how many mistakes we make, that it could be much worse than the mass starvation, war, oppression, and exploitation we have now. In a world where 30,000 to 40,000 children die of malnutrition daily while grain ships are designed to dump food into the sea if the price dips too low, it’s worth the risk.”

This quote just struck me. I thought it was interesting, and also makes an interesting dovetail into the theological idea of depravity, perhaps, if one were so inclined…

4 thoughts on “Brief Interlude

  1. Yes, yes… it does dovetail nicely into theological concepts of depravity. Why, is there someone you know who is a proponent of total depravity? Or just someone who’s particularly depraved?


  2. Talk about depravity. It strikes me as odd that the United States – who’s population is so gifted, talented, educated and rich in so many ways – can attempt to call their political ethos a democracy. It is Capitalism with a Democratic mask and an Imperialist heart. A very dark heart at that.


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