Epic Dawn: Genetic Castes – Enchanters

The second genetic caste we’ll deal with are the Enchanters (I’m not completely wedded to the term but can’t seem to find a better one), variously known as Umarin, Zaina, Alfen, Ayanna, Keelie, and Jedaya. Like Nobles, they are physically similar to Humans, but they are much more idealized in appearance than even the handsomest and most beautiful Humans. Generally they are various forms of stunning, and are also often quite otherworldly, with much more variation in coloration and complexion than is found in Humans. They tend to be somewhat slight of build with delicate, fine features and are almost unerringly graceful.

The real beauty of the Enchanters, however, is in their musical ability. Their voices are mellifluous and often extraordinary, and it is their music that grants them their name. They are, in a word, enchanting. Not quite as competitive as the Nobles, they still tend to desire as much attention as possible. If they love, it is to be loved in return. If they create art, it is almost never in solitude.

Enchanters are famous for their capacity for revelry. They have copious appetites of all kinds – for food, drink, games, luxury and sex. They can sometimes be obsessive, focusing on a pursuit or a passion to the exclusion of all else. Whatever they endeavour to do, they endeavour to turn it into art.

In the Empire of Ashua, the Umarin as they are called are associated with artistic and muscial endeavours and also serve as concubines and courtesans (both genders). There are two Lesser Houses which are devoted to philosophy which attract many Umarin whose passion is debate and the search for truth or aesthetics.

Because of the Umarin, it is very difficult for other castes or for Humans to become professional entertainers or artists. The competition is fierce, and it is always difficult to compete with someone who is extraordinarily attractive and also naturally gifted in expression.

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