Epic Dawn: Genetic Castes – Tinkers

The third genetic caste in this series are variously known as Tabian, Esdaran, Tabi, Reyas and Farai, all words meaning something like Tinkers. Tinkers are slightly smaller than average Humans but tend to be agile and durable. They are very clever and easily develop mechanical knowledge and skills. They are also highly adaptible – their bodies change quickly depending on what climate and region they live.

The social status of Tinkers depends on the social status of craftspeople in general in a given culture. In some cultures, they are little better than slaves, considered only suitable to unskilled mass labor. In others they are revered masters, held in high esteem for their technical skills and craft. Physically, they have little commonality from one region to another, except that they are usually more highly adapted than the local Humans or members of other castes. They also gravitate toward professions which allow them to work with their hands, whether working in rice fields or working as metallurgists in great foundries.

In the Empire of Ashua, the Tabian as they are called were emancipated from under the authority of the Old Empire where they were treated as little more than property of the ruling class. They have since become well-integrated into society, and have gravitated to agricultural and crafting trades. Generally, guilds are run by Tabian masters who pass down their well-protected craft secrets to apprentices and journeymen and who help organize against competitors in the same trade. Tabian are not generally considered prone to violence but they also understand that protecting trade secrets is crucial to their security in society. The Tabian guilds are relatively open to Humans and members of other castes, though they are all held to the same high standard in terms of technical skill and dedication.

Since becoming re-integrated, there arose a sub-culture among the Tabian motivated by bitterness at generations of enslavement under the Old Empire. Some of these formed underworld guilds and organizations, turning their nimble bodies and minds to illegal pursuits. Here, they come into direct competition with Khaldan crime lords, Umarin pimps and any number of Humans engaged in similar pursuits.

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