Epic Dawn: Genetic Castes – Warriors

Known in many cultures as Tor, Aswagh, Skard, Morduk, Gamba and Doragh, the Warrior caste is both widely relied upon for defense and military prowess and generally distrusted for their violent impulses and physical strength. Tor are physically very imposing, almost always taller and heavier than most Humans, with thicker skin and fine, pervasive body hair. Their hair and skin colors tend toward earth tones rather than flesh tones more familliar to most castes, and they have bony knees, elbows and knuckles which can be utilized as weapons in hand combat. Heavy-jawed and thick-skulled, Warriors are nonetheless cunning when they choose to be.

Psychologically, Warriors tend to be violent and easily provoked. Because of this, there are always special laws for this caste promising severe punishments for violations of the public peace. These laws are most concerned with violence against Humans and other castes – violence between Warriors is often seen as an internal affair, and the main concern is often the property damage that often ensues.

In the Empire of Ashua and surrounding cultures, they are known as Tor. In the Empire, they suffer under a constant social stigma, and are almost exclusively relegated to positions as soldiers, mercenaries and bodyguards. They are not normally called upon to maintain public order because they are so easily provoked and often kill criminals rather than arrest them and take time to find out what actually transpired. Tor grow up quickly and die young more often than not, but there is also the tacit understanding that the defense of the Empire would be impossible without them. They can rise to the standing of heroes, garnering wide respect for their military exploits in wars of expansion and defense.

Some Tor have a strong sense of honor and will fight for what they believe in and otherwise try to control themselves. Others lack these compunctions and their services go to the highest bidder, sometimes without consideration for the legality of the enterprise in question. In the military, elite units are made up of almost exclusively Tor, and for any Human or other caste to enter such unites is a grueling task.

Outside the Empire, the Tor range from freedom fighters to indigenous warriors to cannibalistic raiders attacking outlying settlements and carrying loot and even people off into the wilderness.

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