Soto and Mori: Aftermath

A great deal of effort goes into figuring out what happened, but there is such an overpowering sense of Resonance in the courtyard that it is difficult to find any trace of Soto at all. He is known to be subtle.

Jane has disappeared. She isn’t answering phone calls and scrying is something that Katherine was best at, and she hasn’t been seen since the Council meeting announcement regarding the Virtual Adepts. Jane is also notoriously hard to find.

Mori takes over the Temple and ejects disciples who remain loyal to Soto. Presumably, training will resume there under his tutelage – as far as is possible, no Sleepers are even aware of the duel that took place, and Soto was reclusive to start with, so the change has some hope to appear minimal.

Noburu is very, very dead. The wound in his throat is…tremendous, severing the spinal cord with what appears to be a short, curved blade. The wound has burn-marks that indicate the weapon was charged with quintessential energy.

During the investigation, there is a scream, and someone points out, written on the wall in blood the words Dead Man. Mori laughs at the threat but no one else does.

Raphael asks for a personal item of Jane’s to help him scry for her, but nothing can be found. All of her sparse belongings are gone without a trace. Mori has her small room torn apart but nothing is found.

Decklund offers to see if he can help find her, but Raphael doesn’t seem to think it is pressing at the moment. His face is impassive and carefully blank.

After the duel, Malik, Jessica and her own disciples, and Molly meet at the Temple.

The Council briefly meets – there are now only six: Raphael, Destiny, Sam, Isaac, Decklund and Michael. The topic of conversation is the empty seats on the council and speculation on what may have happened to Soto. Was it intentional? A contingency? Without access to the Temple, it will be almost impossible to analyze further, and Mori is not entirely hospitable where the Council is concerned.

The brief, impromptu meeting is open to questions, being handled in a very casual manner in a private room at a nearby hotel where Decklund seems to have connections.

5 thoughts on “Soto and Mori: Aftermath

  1. did you read the post below that came before this one?alistair has lots of alertness, so he might remember noburu from the security footage of the battle that took place outside the sanctum over a month ago – he is the older japanese man who was attacked by the big technocrat who can shape his body like the the context of the duel, i intended it to be clear that he was mori’s second…


  2. Ok. I did read the other post, but I didn’t remember the name ever coming up in game before and it seemed like he might have been “officiating” or something since he announced the duel.Given that he was the second, the next question is: why was Mori’s second attacked – doesn’t that clearly violate standards of honor?


  3. i assume you ask this after the duel of the PCs and NPCs. none of the NPCs know Jane very well – she was never active outside the Akashic Temple. she was one of Soto’s many students, one of only two who were known to be fully awakened (more have mastered some ‘hedge paths’ and ‘numina’). Noburu was an immigrant of some sort directly from Japan – a weaponsmith as far as anyone knows. presumably, this violates the honor of duels among Akashics.Destiny offers this wisdom: “I think she’s fucking gone insane. I think this whole fucking city has gone fucking insane.”


  4. another issue here is that Jane was not a traditional follower of Bushido. not at all. she had much more of a ninja frame of mind – harsh realism and tactical calculation. which was of course not functioning in her Jhor fugue. even aside from Jhor, she wouldn’t feel as bound to the honor code as Soto or even Mori, except for what had rubbed off on her from her time with Soto.Jane also hated Mori and Noburu, but for personal reasons, and they returned the feeling. she saw Mori as a hypocrite, abandoning his bushido “honor”, and Soto, for the Rogue Council, and thought Noburu was a harsh and arrogant old man (which, in fairness, he was).for his part, Mori was always bitter because Soto favored Jane, who was not as powerful a disciple, because she was humble and willing to learn – and Mori, as a rule, only learned what he wanted to learn to further himself.


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