After the brief argument and “meeting” are over, Decklund pulls together whoever is hanging around – Sam, Destiny and Michael and maybe some PCs.

“Look, its pretty fucking clear that Raph has been out of his element for a while now. He’s an alchemist, not a politician, and I think it shows. Listen. I think we need new leadership, maybe even some new people in those Council seats. I think we need to work with the Rogue Council more, wherever we can while still covering our asses. I think we can get through this, but not the way things are going now. Pretty soon, there won’t even be a Council in this city.”

“So, there’s a little procedural shuffling that’ll have to happen next meeting. I’m putting myself forward as head of the Council of New York. If all goes well, I think we can turn things around. I say, if Kat wants a seat, screw the Adepts, she’s got it. Or someone else with similar skills and some intelligence. And we need someone in the Akashic seat, but I don’t think Jane’s going to be the best choice. We also need someone in the Dreamspeaker seat, because I don’t think the Red Spears are going to play ball, so to speak. But we need shit to start happening, and not just happening to us. I just don’t think Raph can bring us there, and if he has to leave, maybe Alice can take his place. She seems like her head isn’t, frankly, up her ass. If not, we may need to improvise, but it’ll take a lot to pull this out of the shitter, you know?”

“So, when all this happens, and we talk to the Technocracy, I think we tell them to go shove it. They won the Ascension War, so they can fucking dig themselves out of this hole with the Rogue Council. Winner takes all, right? So winner takes the shit too. Meanwhile, we hunker down and figure out how to weather things, how to adapt to what’s going on. Tell the Techies we’ll stay out of the way, and meanwhile talk to the Rogue Council, whoever, quietly.”

“But Raphael was right about one thing. This is about survival. So, like he said, we all need to do what we have to.”

10 thoughts on “Decklund

  1. Alistair responds:“I’m wit you on dis one, though I’m newer to de traditions, haven’t even formally been taken in by one yet. I’ll give my support to what you propose.Who are the other dreamspeaker representatives in the city, besides, the Red Spears? Seems like I might have a few things in common with them if they’re the kind that deal with and speak to spirits on a regular basis. I’d be willing to try talking them into taking a seat on the council, or joining and taking the seat myself if no one more qualified can be found…As for the Akashics… did Soto have any other awakened disciples? Is there anyone left at all to fill his place, since Mori’s gone over to the Rogue Council and Jane’s off her nutter?”


  2. The Red Spears are it. There was a guy before them, really death-obsessed, who lived under the city in this sort of necropolis. He tangled with something down there and died, from what I hear, and that was years ago.You don’t get a lot of Dreamspeaker types in cities.Yeah, there was Ian, but he died, man, I dunno, a few months ago. When you barged in playing cop, and that Techie barbecued him. There was just him and Jane as far as I know.


  3. Howard replies: “A few months ago, I would have agreed with you.” He smiles a little ironically. “I wouldn’t have even thought twice about it. But… I think that now, just because I disagree with someone doesn’t mean I don’t value what they have to say. If we’re going to find the way to the healthy universe, it’s going to take… I don’t know. It’s all there. It’s like…” Howard thinks for a second, and then snaps his fingers three times when he gets to what he wanted. “It’s like music. Counterpoint. You stack melodies on top of each other, and even though they’re different melodies, their harmonic frequencies combine to form the greater whole of the song.” He seems quite proud of himself for having thought up the metaphor.


  4. “well if there’s no Dreamspeakers in the city, can we contact someone outside the city and either ask them to send someone or ask how to get initiated into the tradition?Also, if Jane’s the only Akashic left, crazy or not it might be good to seek her out and get her help.”


  5. Decklund: “I dunno. There’s Sylvia’s friend, what’s his name, was at the last meeting – Jenkins? No. Jason. That’s it. Isn’t he a Dreamspeaker?”“And that’s another big problem. I don’t think Jane is coming back unless we declare against the Rogue Council or something. If we’re going to do that, we’d better team up with the Technocracy as far as I can see it. Or at the very least work together with them. But she seemed pretty…determined.”


  6. Decklund: “We’re not talking logical here, Howie, we’re talking politics. You can’t talk logic to someone who lives in Atlantis, and the Technocracy has its own logic, doesn’t it. I don’t think we can avoid both and survive. We’ll need one to help survive against the other.”


  7. Howard is visibly irritated by the use of the name, ‘Howie.’ “Don’t you have any Scientific Integrity?” he snaps. “You can’t just narrow all of your options down to two bad ones. If both the Technocrats and the Rogue Council are in the wrong, look for another option. What about…” Howard thinks for a moment. “What about the Summer Court? It’s kind of sad that a bunch of extra-dimensional aliens who were clearly the basis for the faerie myths are probably the only choice of ally that isn’t outright morally repugnant, but… we could help them, they could help us, right?”


  8. “Uh…fairies? You’re kidding right? I don’t think anybody’s imaginary friends are going to fend off the Technocracts or Atlantis. Sorry. Look, I need to go. I’ll see you guys at the meeting in a few days.”


  9. this is where Decklund makes his Big Move. it didn’t work out for him for aforementioned reasons, and never really would. the Eutanatos alpha male was Ismail, and he had the effect of just sapping confidence from anyone who hung out with him…except for Jane. she and Ismail had a relationship which Soto, over time, talked her out of. he saw that Ismail would go down a dark road, and didn’t want him to take Jane with him.


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