Epic Dawn: Genetic Castes – Sages

Variously known as Sekkan, Sekeri, Tellan and Sathva, the Sages are the last genetic cast I’ll deal with here. They are universally associated with intellectual endveavors and often fill the roles of loremasters or scholars in a given culture. Because of this, they are also quite rare in less ‘civilized’ cultures – those without at least some literacy and the resources to support professional thinkers.

In those cultures that can support them, however, they are incredibly valuable. Though they do not often lend themselves to the occult or religious arts, their keen minds can be turned to a wide variety of areas of inquiries. They typically drive any innovation in natural philosophy, astrology, and the technical arts such as engineering and metallurgy. They are often strongly associated with powerful groups in a society – large guilds, powerful clans, ruling houses and major religions.

Sages are unusual in that they take slightly longer to gestate than other castes, and they are therefore born with heads that carry a distinctive shape for life – the tops of their skulls are larger and more peaked than other castes, even though their build tends to be lighter. It is a very rare Sekkan who does physical labor on a regular basis. They also tend to be more sensitive than other castes, meaning that they have stronger senses but they also tend to have more allergies and other limitations.

In the Empire of Ashua and nearby cultures they are known as Sekkan and they fall generally into three categories – those employed as historians, heralds and linguists by the Blood; those employed as scholars, historians or translators by the Chosen; and those employed by the military as engineers and quartermasters and logisticians.

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