(I like covering some things via the blog, so I’ll include Jason’s return in that category, since it’ll involve a lot of him talking, and I’m not sure how motivated people will be to interact with him. If you do, do so over email or the blog between now and next Monday)

When Jason comes back, he looks…a little haggard. Not his usual vibrant self. It doesn’t help that he’s soaked with rain. His backpack is empty. He tosses Howard his keys “You’ll need to fix it before you drive it next. But its in one piece.”

He drops the backpack near the door to Scott’s room and goes inside to show, waving off questions. Once done, he goes to the kitchen and makes himself a sandwhich. (peanut butter, banana, pepperoni and honey-mustard) “So, anyway, I went to the old seat of the Dutchy of Apples – that’s the Dutchy that kind of covers the northeast US and parts of southeast Canada. The short version is that Mab has taken the crown herself – she’s Queen now in a more real sense, I guess – and the plan is to go looking for Arcadia.”

“The, uh, the long version is that, well, there’s this seer, who said she’d met you during a siege, I think; her name is Silisetheleen. She’s a Sluagh (sounds like sloo-ah) with House Eiluned, and probably the best seer in the Dreaming right now. At least that we know. Anyway, she tells everyone that the Fae aren’t reincarnating anymore. They’d been dwindling, but no one was sure why. It’s like, with spirits, unless you’re really thorough, you don’t kill them. You destroy them, but they reincarnate, because they get their life from…belief, basically. Emotion. Dreams. Fears. And as long as those are there, they’ll come back. When the Fae came back, about forty years ago, it was when there was the Moon landing, and this big surge of belief, of dreams, that sort of thing, and they came back, but it was sort of a bad idea, because…the dreams have changed. They didn’t get that people believed in astronauts, and not in elves, really, anymore.”

“Anyway, its always been that Fae reincarnated. They usually couldn’t remember it – sometimes heroes could, that sort of thing. But they reincarnated, like spirits do, and the Changelings had this deal where they reincarnated in a human being. The only way to really kill a Fae was with cold iron, and a few other things, and that was all a really, really serious crime and pretty much everyone avoided it. I mean, its a rare Fae that can even stand cold iron.”

“But now, according to Silis, and other powerful seers, they’re not reincarnating anymore. They’re dying, and its for good. And…there was sort of a panic. They freaked out – the war with the Winter Court, everything, was suddenly this huge, horrible waste, and it took a while for it to sink in. But when it did, there was a lot of arguing, and the best idea they had was to go seeking Arcadia.”

“So, ok, I’ll explain a little. Arcadia is where Fae are from. Its supposed to be in the Dreaming, but no one can find it. The doors, so to speak, are shut. The ways are lost. And, really, a lot of Fae have spent generations questing and seeking for it, and nothing. Just stories that lead to dead ends. But, now, they see it as their only hope. Even, I’ve heard, some of the Winter Court agree, because Silis told both sides, really, showed both sides. And they’re apparently panicking too.”

“So here’s the deal. I think…I think looking for Arcadia is going to bring them to you. Or maybe to the other Stone of Tara. There aren’t that many, you know, ancient sites of power, really, anymore. And even the Stone…well. Anyway.”

“This is what I think. I think it’ll be up to you. I mean, you built this stone, its gonna fit somewhere. I think it might be possible to use this stone to open a way to Arcadia. To let them go through. I doubt we can follow, and I doubt we’ll want to, but its what most of them seem to want. The good thing is that they’ll stop dying. They’ll be home. Like the Elves at the end of the Return of the King, going across the sea. The problem is obvious – when they leave, something will be lost. Not much, at this point, frankly, but something.”

“I don’t think they’re going to fight you or anything, not now anyway, not this group. But I think their looking will lead them here, and I think you’ll have a big decision to make. For my part, I think we should open the way and let them go through. Our loss, the world’s loss, but their gain. At least, they think so.”

10 thoughts on “Jason

  1. Jason,I agree, we should let them through if that’s what we want. It’s the least we can do to atone for breaking the original stone, bringing down the paradox storm etc… Even crossing Kayla and the winter court was somewhat churlish (if justified). I’ll begin thinking about how that might be accomplished…On a separate matter – the tradition council here needs to fill two seats, a Dreamspeaker and an Akashic. If you’re unable or willing to fill the Dreamspeaker seat you could still help in a couple ways. #1 help get me inducted into the Dreamspeakers. I’ve been busy making contacts as much as I could with them (inform him about the Jaguar man and the Red Spears). I know I’m something of an unusual fit for the Dreamspeakers, but I feel a kinship with the spirits and the fae in general and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with how pluralist the Celestial Choristers are. Or if that is not a good course of action in your opinion, help us contact other Dreamspeakers elsewhere and persuade one of them to come fill the seat.


  2. Howard… the fae leaving is probably going to make the Dynamic ending that much MORE unlikely. Thus making the Rogue Council even more attractive as an ally against the Technocracy.


  3. Jason thinks for a while. “No, ok, I’ll fill the seat. I just realized that, at the moment, I don’t really have anything else to…do. And if you think the Celestial Chorus is too pluralistic, I think the Dreamspeakers will eat you alive.” He smiles to himself. “As for the Akashics – well, I know only a little about them, but I do know most of them are in Asia. They don’t have much of a presence here, except in a few big cities with lots of immigrants from Asia – New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle. That seat’ll be tough to fill. Really” he shrugs a little “there just aren’t many mages. And probably half of all of them are Technocrats. Then there are Nephandi, the Rogue Council…you get the idea.”


  4. Howard, newly returned from his meeting with Derek, nods faintly. “I, uh, I guess if it’s what they want… but..” he thinks for a minute, and then brightens. “I don’t know if it will open the doors to whatever subdimensional layer of what they call ‘the dreaming’ that is home to them, but I think I have an idea. It would require total cooperation between us, the Summer Court, and the Winter Court, but…” he grins, and the mad-scientist gleam returns to his eyes. “It would need the Possibility Engine. And Sam, here. And I’d need more materials for the engine… to make it closer to completion, but it just might work.”


  5. Howard frowns. “My idea won’t be enough, though.” He seems… offended by that realization. “We’ll need more. Something from each of us, probably. Even Joe. And cooperation from both courts on all of it. And Sam.”


  6. A moment later, Howard’s frown deepens further still. “And the Possibility Engine isn’t going to be ready for a while yet… damnit. Well, the overall idea could still work. I’d just have to jerry-rig something.”


  7. Jason, to Howard, “Well, I don’t think this’ll happen, like, right now. I’m just saying…I have this feeling that they’ll end up here. Or, like I said, at the other Stone, but they’re connected, so maybe that’ll end up being the same thing. That’s just…where a lot of weight is.”


  8. of course, Mab took the crown instead of giving it to the Winter Court, though they previously promised the WC the throne of Concordia. the reason for this is that House Bailor, which was infiltrated by Nephandi (the cause of the war and a number of other things), fell entirely to the Nephandi. The Leanhaun and the Ailil struck a deal with them, in the guise of the Rogue Council, and quieted their aspirations for COncordia. they set their sights on the world-to-come when the Scion was victorious.the Nephandi, of course, hate the Fae and have contempt for them, and are far, far mower powerful. ultimately, they intend(ed) to devour the Fae for the sheer pleasure of it. the only ones who escape this fate are the ones who make it into Arcadia


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