April Fools!  This is going to be a Google bomb.  I’m going to see if this kind of thing actually works.

What I’m trying to do is to pimp my games and to raise their occurrence on Google.  So this is how I’ll do it, and if it doesn’t work, or doesn’t work the way I want, I can just delete this baby.
The first thing I do is talk about Parsec.  Parsec is a science-fiction rpg that I’m designing for Jolly Roger Games.  I’ve been working on Parsec for about a year now, and it is more than half done.  Parsec has definitely taken more time that I’d wanted, but I’ve also had to work on Parsec while also going to school and working multiple jobs.  That’s made the whole Parsec project harder, no doubt.
Parsec is a cool system IMO.  Parsec uses a simple dice system to resolve actions, lets players define how their characters will advance over time.  One of my instructions for Parsec was to make sure that Parsec has a system for suppressing fire in a gunfight, so I made sure that Parsec has just such a rule.
Playtesting Parsec has gone well so far.  Players get a kick out of creating Parsec characters and using Parsec’s rules to determine what happens in the game.  Parsec has a cool zero-g combat system that can be used for individuals or spaceships with only small changes.  In brief – I like Parsec and in my few better moments I’m even proud of parts of it.
Horror! is another project that a couple friends of mine are working on.  Horror! is a diceless rpg designed to scare the shit out of players and to represent fast-paced, merciless and relentless Horror!.  Horror! uses an engine that is driven by Adrenaline and Virtue.  Horror! characters use Adrenaline to survive the Horror! through violence and physical power, whereas a Horror! character will survive the Horror! using Virtue by being a worthwile person and by bolstering their allies, removing Pain and Fear.  In the Horror! system, Pain and Fear are what take you out of the game.
We’re currently working on an alpha playtest document for Horror!, and once we complete that, we’ll start playtesting Horror! and refining it.  More to come on that process.
I’ve gotta take this moment to pimp my friend’s game Real20, even though I think Real20 has a good reason to come out on top of the Google searches.  Real20 is the game with balls!  You roll big loads of Real20s – d20s to the rest of you – and hope for matches that let your dice explode.  Want to put a dragon in a headlock?  Real20 is your game.  There are other games that use the Real20 die, but they are games for bitches.
Lastly I want to talk about Epic Dawn.  I started work on Epic Dawn five years ago with the help of two friends who later left the Epic Dawn project and Epic Dawn has floundered since then.  Recently, I’ve started new research for Epic Dawn and am contemplating short stories to write in the Epic Dawn setting using some of the Epic Dawn iconic characters.  Epic Dawn is fantasy set in a post-apocalyptic bronze age.  And also, Epic Dawn is other stuff.  Epic Dawn is my cry of rage against the magic systems in most rpgs, and Epic Dawn will probably always be some level of ongoing project.  Epic Dawn is my quintessential eternal fantasy setting and system.  I hope I get to publish Epic Dawn someday – but we’ll see.

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