What I’m Listening To

I’m spending a lot of time listening to podcasts lately, particularly during commutes or other drives or while I’m doing things like working on my Mage game or other writing. Some of them are better than others, but here is a brief breakdown of what I’m into and some of why. All of these are easy to find on iTunes or through another podcatcher, or through the magic of Google, and they are all also linked on this page. All of these are also connected to interesting forums where conversations begun on a podcast in question can continue and over which arguments can ensue!

Voice of the Revolution: this is the official podcast of the Indie Press Revolution, an outfit that sells indie roleplaying games such as Burning Wheel, Agon, Dogs in the Vineyard and Legends of Alyria to name only a few. An excellent source of information on all things indie in the world of gaming.

All Games Considered: more focused on banter and on general gaming topics with game reviews and special segments like “Gaming for Cheap Bastards” which introduces you to…games suited for cheap bastards.

The Bear’s Grove: by one of the designers of Changeling for White Wolf back when they were revolutionary rather than cliche. Basically covers whatever is on his mind, including GM advice, advice in getting children interested in games, and really whatever else comes up. Involves a series on game design and world design.

Does My Geek Look Big In This?: two funny and incredibly likable Brits talk about Beer, Games, and Movies. Listen as they become more inebriated during their podcast! Hilarity ensues, and it is otherwise pretty interesting to listen to. Almost makes me want to drink beer.

The Dragon’s Landing: something of a granddaddy gaming podcast. Involves, obviously, rpg discussion and tips for Frugal Gamers. They also have their own game system, Project CHUPRA, with its own Core Rules up for discussion on their Forum.

Fear the Boot: hilarious and intelligent discussion of all things gaming. I love almost every episode. A large portion of it is devoted to game and setting design with their own game and setting, Skies of Glass, as the example for each section. Another really helpful podcast for players, GMs and game-designers alike.

The Harping Monkey
: a round-table style conversation on the topic of the Jung, Campbell and the Monomyth and how these topics relate to gaming. Very intelligent discussions overall mixing myth and games.

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