The End of an Era

This summer, I’m hoping to be able to join my friend Brian’s Vampire the Masquerade game that he runs online. I was in it a while ago but didn’t have the time when I was trying to keep up with schoolwork and life.

To do this over the summer, though, I will need to end the era of my involvement in Wow. Its oddly nostalgic, which is stupid, but there you have it. I’m currently figuring what to do with hundreds of gold pieces worth of imaginary items that my imaginary characters are currently wearing and carrying. It’ll mostly be donated to friends or guilds that I’ve had fun with. I’m also going to do a few things before I retire permanently in the next week or so.

I hate to say it, but there is another reason for this decision. If the Vampire game doesn’t work out for some reason, or maybe if it does, there’s another way I’d like to spend some time. We’ll see.

Thorium Brotherhood server, its been great. Goodbye.

4 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. You forgot to mention the other reason you would do something like this… Pam would kill you if you were doing WoW, an Online Vampire game, LoTR Online, a weekly campaign, GRPA events etc….


  2. I had trouble getting rid of wow and various other online and offline vices, I gave away three accounts and each time drifted back and started a new toon.

    Finally I solved it, or rather had it solvedd for me – my computer exploded after a powersupply fault turned up, the one I had to buy with meager funds to replace it did not have a proper graphics card.


  3. msmcat: thanks for the comment! Until a couple days ago, I actually didn't know that I could keep my account without paying for it. Apparently, a lot of ppl in my guild play that way – taking months off at a time and then returning when they have time. So the era might not be over after all.

    Or, I might move over to Middle Earth Online. I'm really excited about it, and have been for years since it was first announced years ago.

    Hopefully, nothing will explode…


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