Into the Labrynth – Outer Labrynth

::This is in-character for Ephram/Joe and out-of-character for everyone else::

You walk forward, having surrendered your name, and the darkness reaches out to swallow you.
You are inside.

There is dense silence and terrible cold, and the sounds of wind moving throughout the Labrynth. The walls are high and made of a cracked, weathered material that seems impregnable. It is hard to imagine the turning of time that would require to pockmark such a material, or what forces might have scarred it or marked it in any way – and yet it is scarred, marked, discolored, here and there as you proceed.

The ambient light is dim, and as you turn your first corner, you are plunged into darkness, the dim light from the entrance cut off. It is possible, though difficult, to summon soft light to show your way. Your light, and the cold, and a feeling of increasing heaviness, follow you.

The Labrynth gives the impression of immensity. There are corridors so long they seem infinite, the way ahead always hungry and dark. You wander until you are hungry and thirsty and exhausted, and you are quite lost.

There is some order, however, that emerges in your mind. This is not a simple maze. There are irregular chambers, slopes in the floor going gradually up or down, curves in the passages. You continue walking, however, the cold wind now at your back, now in you face, now pulling crosswise, seemingly irrespective of the walls and passages themselves.

It is lonely here, but there is the occasional dim shade. The vague outline of a living being, illuminated by grief, perhaps, wandering soundlessly through the halls, stricken, withered. They do not acknowledge you when you see them, but stare through you, like shell-shocked soldiers. Their vague outlines reveal dress both modern and reminiscent of the past.

11 thoughts on “Into the Labrynth – Outer Labrynth

  1. Joe warily watches the lost souls as they drift past and silently resolves not to join with them. He grips the spiral pendant hanging about his neck.‘This Labyrinth is in MY mind,’ he thinks to himself, ‘MY soul! I will master it, not the other way around!’As he keeps walking he thinks bitterly on what has been going on the last few months. It seems like everything has been leading him here. Every path has led to this place; and here, at last, he was going to find answers.Every step of the way he has felt herded, denied even the simple luxury of a past to draw upon. Everything about him, about these events, were pointing to this; sometimes Fate was about as subtle as a Hell’s Angel at a Girl Scout Jamboree.‘Fine then. If this is my lot, then so be it. But I am going to be damned sure that I end up as Entropy’s master, or at least Entropy’s chosen, and not Entropy’s bitch. I guess, in a game of chess, somebody has to take the black pieces.’He grins evilly while hefting the black heart. ‘The best thing about being a bad guy is that we don’t have to play by the rules.’ Focusing himself, Joe attempts to use the power of Entropy, of Fate to show him where to go… after all, it seems that they want him here.(OOC: BTW I think I should have about 28 xp at this point; can I raise my Entropy sphere?)


  2. ((Yes you can – sorry my email didn’t tell me you’d responded – I have some catching-up to do!))You feel the Labyrinth briefly swell and then constrict around you and it…simplifies. Just enough. You begin to see something of the structure here. It is like you’re remembering something, actually. You move slowly at first, then more confidently.The incessant wind sometimes brings strange sounds to you – the distant grind of vast machinery, the sluggish churn of running water, louder voices calling out as if lost and soft voices, haunting breaths that barely reach your ears.Abruptly, you feel the Labyrinth *thicken*, and you see the glimmer of a yellow light ahead. As you approach, rounding a sharp corner, you see ahead of you what looks like some sort of hospital room. Overhead the yellow light, too bright to your eyes, buzzes ceaselessly.There is a metal table with restraints and medical equipment laying around – it has the appearance of a World War II era field hospital. You can see a bone-saw lying with other equipment, all of which looks used.There is a Doctor standing in the room. He’s holding a large syringe.“Ah, I see you’ve made it -” He looks at you oddly for a second, as if there is recognition, but the look passes quickly. “I assume you’re headed onward” he gestures to a heavy metal door behind him, next to which is a metal recess in the wall “which means you’ll have to give me something.” He glances at the syringe in his hand.“In theory, I can take anything you offer, but it has to be…significant…or else the door won’t open.”“So, what’ll it be?”


  3. The doctor’s eyes narrow. “It has to be something of *yours*, sir…”“And I hope you have more than that knife with you.”He lowers the syringe slightly, looks right at you with an unconcerned, impersonal gaze.


  4. “Oh, I have plenty more, don’t you worry about that.” The grin goes away suddenly, leaving Joe’s face devoid of emotion. “But I think I’ve already been here, haven’t I? I think I’ve already given you plenty. My name, my memories, my very identity has already been taken from me by you and those like you. I came here to gain, not to lose. Your price has already been paid, and I will take this place apart molecule by molecule if you stand in my way.” His grin comes back, more hideous than before as he grips the entropic heart in his other hand. “Don’t think I can’t or won’t.”


  5. “Interesting.”The Doctor looks at your hand holding the entropic heart. He sighs slightly, the only sound carrying over the distant wind and the buzzing of the overhead light. He sets the syringe down.“You have in fact been here before. In a sense, anyway. I never forget…a face.”“As for molecule by molecule – I doubt it. Perhaps you’ll make the attempt. You seem desperate enough. But this isn’t your place. It isn’t even *made* of molecules, though that’s quite another topic. You’ll find it hard to do things here that you aren’t supposed to. Which is as it should be, Nameless.”“However. Perhaps you have paid to pass through this door in the past. Perhaps this time you will find something you want. It does seem that…you belong here. So -“He steps aside slightly, glances toward the heavy door –“Be my guest.”


  6. The Doctor watches curiously as you approach. When you’re close, you can hear a soft rushing sound of air passing under the door and you can feel a draft passing beneath it.You place your hand on the door and flinch at the intensity of the cold, feeling your hand stick slightly as the moisture on your skin is flash frozen. Pain begins to slowly make its way down your arm.You push, and there is a resonating ring of metal-on-metal that reverberates in the air and the floor and the walls, and the door swings open (your hand peels off with a tug). Beyond the door is a dark, frigid void.


  7. Joe pauses for an instant and peers into the void. He says one word before stepping off into the darkness. The simple word seems to hang eerily behind him even after he has gone. “Home.”


  8. there was a LOT more storyline around Joe, but with Josh only at about half of the games, most of it never came to fruition. actually, what i learned as a restult of this game is that Destiny is a Background i shouldn’t have made as powerful as it was. i should have left it as written, but oh well.this trip through the Labrynth was a huge part of it, and there was a lot more with Mr Gone, but there was never time to go through it all, and actually many sessions before this i let my thinking about Joe’s storyline fall by the wayside and many of these ideas never developed fully even for me.i really liked this Labrynth stuff, though. i REALLY liked how Joshua jumped right into a character he didn’t choose or create and brought it to life. good stuff.the thing with Joe – since his Avatar wasn’t actually part of Alonius’ Avatar, he could do more on his own. i thought this could happen over email and the blog originally, but that didn’t work out either in the end.


  9. You said it last night and you were right – adding Joshua Lee to our group was a real pleasure. I can’t wait to get into the BESM game with a character he’s designed from the ground up in the group.


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