Real20: The Game with Balls!

By: Aric

Are you a manly man or a kick-ass woman? Do you have more abs than brain cells? Are you controversial, confrontational and out-of-fucking-control? Do you believe in shooting first and then shooting second just to make sure? Are you sexier than pure distilled sexy, bottled, then poured over a sexy woman while being licked off by hundreds of sexy sex-slaves? Do you laugh at danger, scoff at death, and think it would be nice to buy your lady a string of perils? Are you the king or queen of anything? Forget Greyskull – do you have the power?

Then you might be ready for Real20: The Game with Balls!

This is the game for people who want to put dragons in headlocks. This is a game for people who could leap tall buildings in a single bound if they wanted, but instead they kick the goddamned building into rubble because it was blocking their view. This is a game for people who get excited at the thought of rolling a double-fistful of d20’s. Go ahead! Play with your balls.

Below I will answer the 3 big questions about game design.

What is your game about?
Real20 is about over-the-top extreme action, risk and reward. It is about characters attempting and occasionally achieving absurd feats of power, strength, agility and guts.

What do the characters do?
The characters take on the tasks of Hercules, the quest of Jason, the journey of Oddyseus. Any storyline which involves huge risk, requires extraordinary prowess, and results in lasting fame. The characters put everything, most especially their mojo, on the line to accomplish what no one thinks is possible.

What do the players do?
The players enjoy the escapist thrill of playing someone completely unbelievable in a completely unbelievable scenario. They calculate when and where to take risks so that their character’s either go home with all the glory or die an ignominious death. The players giggle childishly every time they get to roll 10d20 – how many games let you do that?

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