The Price of Victory

Alistair has seemingly overcome the Mastema…but at a great price. He is currently tenuously connected to the penumbra by his own lingering magical effect. As hours pass he feels it attenuate and slowly slip away. He has decided, however, that perhaps it is time to have a second lease on life, as it were. A, dare we say, resurrection. The question is, how…

5 thoughts on “The Price of Victory

  1. Howard has an idea. That’s nothing new, of course, but what makes this different from most other ideas that he’s had is that it’s an uncommonly good one. See? Never let it be said that Howard cannot come up with a good idea. And what is this idea? He’d be happy to tell you all about it. At considerable length.“OK,” he says, “I think we need to proceed in stages. I can repair the dead tissue easily enough. All I have to do is instruct the nanites already present within the body to repair the damaged cells and reconnect the pieces. There might be some scarring, though. Or, uh, Sway could probably repair the body, too. I’m not sure how that works, but since most of Alistair’s cells haven’t actually started dying yet, I guess it’s possible.” Howard glances at Alistair’s body, then at Alistair’s visible psychic remnant. He goes on. “But repairing the body is only part of the problem. We’ll also need to reintigrate the psychic remnant so as to achieve a continuation of his original consciousness, or else we’ll end up with a new Alistair while his original consciousness is rerouted into a less likely alternate reality.” Howard turns to another subject. “We’ll also need to avert cell death and get the body to start producing bio-etheric energy again. Uh, you know, ‘bios.’ I’m not very good with that.” He glances towards Sway. “Actually, my instruments aren’t even really calibrated to detect that. But I think that sort of thing is your department, Sway.”“We’ll need to make sure he comes through the process psychologically intact. I’m sure that death and resurrection are, uh, traumatic events?” He shrugs at Sylvia, not exactly sure how to explain that, but figures that she knows far more about what needs to be done in the mental arena than he does. “Finally, Jason and I will need to, well, rekindle the Fire. That’s what I made this for.” Howard holds up the artificial heart he’s constructed out of crystallized dragonfire. “There’s an energy source what exists in each of us. It relates somehow to the way that the will can sometimes have an affective relationship with reality, and to the Fire, but I haven’t worked out all the variables yet, but I call it ‘X.’ My own equations are unfortunately insufficient for the process of rekindling the Fire in another person, but… I think that if Jason and I work together, we can use ‘X’ to reintegrate the Fire into Alistair’s quantum matrix. See, he’s like a heater that’s had its pilot light blown out. In order to restart it, we have to get the pilot light going again. We use ‘X’ to put a little bit of the Fire into the Heart, and the heart will then act as a kind of pilot light for Alistair. All of these efforts – the repair of the bios, the mental reconstruction, and the rekindling of the Fire, working together, should allow for, well, what I’m calling ‘the Lazarus Effect.’ Complete reconstitution of the base life form. In short, resurrection.”Finally done with his explanation, Howard beams proudly, utterly confident that his idea will work, and totally unaware of the fact that he’s basically just said, “we combine our powers” in an incredibly, unnecessarily longwinded way.


  2. If there are no objections, Howard is quite happy to set everyone to their respective tasks. – It will likely take Jason and Sylvia working together to reintegrate Alistair’s psychic remnants back into his physical body in order to achieve the continuation of the original consciousness. – Sylvia will also be needed to help Alistair come through the resurrection psychologically intact. – Sway is needed to repair the body and restore life to it (with Howard’s help if necessary, if both Matter and Life are needed)) – Jason and Howard will need to work together to restore Alistair’s dimensionally transcendent quantum substructure – that is, to rekindle the Fire within the crystal heart, and to merge that heart with Alistair’s actual heart (similarly to how items are merged into the Possibility drive), which, in addition to rekindling the Fire and restoring Alistair’s dimensionally transcendent quantum substructure, should have the added benefit of making Alistair’s heart much more difficult to rip out in the future by being made up of flesh and crystalized dragonfire united on both the ectotheric and quintessential levels.


  3. and yeah, obviously, Resurrection was the way to go here. i especially wanted PCs like Sway to see how much power they really had, and of course this is a perfect chance to gain to Arete: the key throughout the game was that working as a group lowered the bar of what was required to gain Arete. because of your connection, and because your Avatars were shards of one Avatar, working together you’d always make more headway than working individually. this was of course undercut by the nature of the game, which was entirely my fault, but maybe it made things difficult enough to be interesting.


  4. when it came to Arete we also had the problem that most of us were new to Mage. If we played a second campaign I think things would go much quicker, because people are into the swing of things now…. 31 sessions later.


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