Rogue Council Update I

::Sometime during your discussion, your green Soul Gems vibrate and then come alive, projecting a dark-haired and -eyed woman’s image, stylish and professional – Joe and Sylvia know her as Natasha, and Howard, Alistair and Sway dimly remember her from the wreckage of the Technocrat HQ::


“My name is Natasha if we haven’t met before, I but I think I’ve met all of you, if only briefly. This is just an informational update. Following will be some Rogue Council business that you’ll have to be alone – and a member of course – to participate in.

“Which reminds me – no reason not to join, even at this late stage. Aren’t you curious about what is happening in the world, what the next steps will be?

“Of course we retain our policy of mutual respect for all Awakened beings. We said at the beginning that we are building a brighter world, and the biggest step has already been taken. The Technocracy is broken, and time marches on. There will be room for all of you in the new world, I assure you.

“But, let’s get to business. First, we need to talk about Node consolidation in light of recent…openings. Molly has taken over management of the Virtual Adept’s Node. Esther and Michael, as we know, are putting their Nodes in Central Park to good use. There are, as far as we know, three unclaimed Nodes in the city right now, and we need to deal with this quickly.

“First is there is the club downt0wn that used to belong to Destiny. Its a minor Node, but they’re all significant. I was thinking that this one could go to Sylvia for all of her help and hard work, especially considering that she and Destiny used to be in the same sect together.

“Second, there is the Node that used to belong to Derrick Wiles. Now, we’ve had some interference here, and it will no doubt need to be investigated. I’m thinking that I could put this one to good use by moving it elsewhere – consolidating, so to speak, for the Council at large.

“Third and last, there is the Node that rests beneath the old Hermetic sanctum. Now, we’ve had a lot of trouble here, so this one will take more work than we anticipated earlier. Decklund has laid claim to it, and I see no problem with that, but he’s going to need some help getting it under control, as I understand it. If you want to help him out, let him know. We’ll talk more about contacts later.

“So, the club for Sylvia, Derrick Wiles’ Node for the Council at large, and the Hermetic Node for Decklund? To clarify, members of the Council can vote, but we’re willing to listen to whatever suggestions come up.”

::There is a shift in the way the Gems are projecting and the image flickers slightly, and Natasha looks around, waiting. You see little circles appear in the image with faces in them – Mori, Decklund, Molly, Michael, Joe, Sylvia, and Malik::

Malik: “I don’t see a problem with the current arrangement. Sounds good to me.”
Molly: “Yuppers. Done.”
Mori nods, as does Michael (getting the Ms out of the way)
Decklund: “Yeah – as you said, I’ve had some trouble, but with a little help things should fall into place nicely. Obviously, I support the idea.”

One thought on “Rogue Council Update I

  1. this is a pretty transparent information-dump that i just wanted to do, to put the endgame in more context for the PCs and to give an idea of what was going on in the city at large, in case that information would figure into the decisions you guys had to make.


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