Rogue Council Update II

::Natasha continues after another flicker in the projection – by now you’ve noted that the projection isn’t physically present, but is some kind of hallucination that each of you can see as if it was speaking to you personally::

“Right, ok then. Moving on.

“Next we need to address a few problems that remain in the city. The most serious, of course, is the continuing presence of Agents Winter and Flux from the Technocracy. As far as we know, they are planning some kind of insurgency, and we’ve held back in trying to pin them down because we want to be prepared for a serious engagement when that happens. Obviously, there won’t be any quarter here. They’re not going to surrender and we’re not going to let them continue to be a thorn in our side.

“For right now, just be careful. Don’t wander around. If they engage, I suggest you run, and have a few things ready in case this happens. Soon, we’ll pick the time and the place and we’ll deal with them once and for all. We know that Agent Winter has incredible power over minds, which is his focus, but he can also scry, utilize energy, and channel prime at the very least. Agent Flux, if you’ve seen him, isn’t even made of flesh, but is some kind of living morphological material that we know is resistant to injury, energy attacks, and magical degradation. He can also form energy weapons seemingly at will that are capable of tremendous damage. Agent Winter likely moves at will, but Agent Flux is more limited because his form will accumulate Paradox over time if he’s out in the open.

“Speaking of which, Derek’s widow, Sherridan Wiles, seems to be hunting these two Agents. She leveled a portion of an office building two days ago and is still at large and also very difficult to detect. Frankly, I say best of luck to her. We’ll keep an eye on how things unfold.

“A more immediate problem is Jane, the Akashic who murdered Noburu after Mori defeated the head of the Akashics in New York in a duel. She’s likely mad and is still evading capture. Because she is an immediate and intractable threat, consider her kill-on-sight, but don’t underestimate her power.

“And now more mundane security. We’re receiving a few supplies and the cash economy seems, if not stable, at least functioning. Starvation is less likely thanks to Esther and Michael’s efforts, and food distribution is going as quickly and smoothly as possible. With some work, we’ll have this city up and running. There are some things that will be arriving from Atlantis to help us in this regard. Malik, I’d like to thank you again, publicly, for all of your hard work on the security situation. The ARM is doing an excellent job. Mori, your contributions have also been incredibly valuable. Finally, Molly, your work getting information networks up and running on the new simplified software is outstanding. We’re hoping people continue to adopt our system, which should make things a lot more efficient. Decklund, keep those contacts coming. We’ll need to work with what civil authorites still remain for the near future at least.

“Finally, communication. Your Soul Gems are now activated to serve as personal communicators, similar to how they are functioning now for me. All you need to do is hold the Gem in your right hand in front of you and say the name of the person who you want to contact while concentrating on a picture of them in your mind. You should be able to communicate mentally for a brief period of time. Let us know if there are any problems with the system.

“Non-members, you can do this too, but you’ll have to invest a bit of prime energy to activate the function.

“Now, there are a few things we still need to cover, but this’ll be Rogue Council business exclusively. Thank you to the rest of you for your time and cooperation. Anything else before we change modes here?”

2 thoughts on “Rogue Council Update II

  1. segue to me seeding the idea of going to Atlantis to use the Possibility Drive. that’s the only way i saw it having a powerful impact in the world powerful enough to be felt globally and not just in, say, NYC. also, since Atlantis has defined so much of what has gone on, i wanted at least a little time to be spent there in the big reveal. what ended up happening was that i could only afford a bare-bones sketch amongst a lot of distraction, but you take what you can get 🙂


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