The Essentials

There is a lot of talk about what the “essentials of the Reformed faith” are. The Book of Order makes mention of them, but does not define them. I actually see this as a strength of the Book of Order, and of what I understand as the PC(USA)’s stance as a confessional, rather than doctrinal, Church. However, I’m sure that there are some strong opinions about what these “essentials” are, and I’m curious what the thoughts out there are on this topic.

(Or, if you’re not Reformed, then let me know what you think the “essentials” are of your particular tradition.)

5 thoughts on “The Essentials

  1. There are two essential orthodox vitamins and minerals to make up a complete and balanced (eucharistic) meal:Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength.And love your neighbor as yourself.


  2. My essential is that Jesus lives.Present tense.Without that there is nothing special in Christianity to talk about. The world is full of dead and going to die philosophers. Some are good and some are not. Same goes for ideologies and doctrines, cultures and languages and civilizations. Aside from the fact that the Christian versions are the only ones I am sort of versed in, it is not clear they are the best. But there is this one fundamental cornerstone that is unique, and it raises the potential of our faith above and beyond anything we can dream of. This one little detail that changes everything, without which we are just another also-ran:Jesus lives.Jodie


  3. I think the Presbytery of San Diego set up a commission about this several years ago, and produced a pdf that lists the essential tenets as the reformers would have understood them to be.


  4. Actually, stushie, reading those is what brought this post up for me. I was curious. It seems that San Diego Presbytery is also considering leaving the denomination, so I get the impression they’re not quite the mainstream. Nonetheless, I think they would have trouble ordaining me 🙂


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