Alistair’s Kin

Alistair rustles up some paper and a pen from Sylvia’s office and sits down at a table to write. It is clear from his demeanor that he considers this a very important action. He is concentrating intensely, and shifting his weight deciding what to say. He is not skilled with words so this does not come easily. As he writes it is like his very soul is being poured out on the page. He sweats, staining the words, but this is about more than ink. It is a magical letter, and as his pen races his lips mouth a prayer to St. Columba again and again.

My dear wife,
I know I’ve no right to call you that, but my hand refused to write anything else down. I don’t know if writing you now is the best thing to do. I’ve been so confused and desperate to reach out to you, to help you, but I fear that I may only make things worse. It is possible that reading this will only make you angry at me, or that you will decide I am mad. I wouldn’t blame you for thinking I was insane. But if the vows we made before God meant anything to you I ask you to do me the favor of reading this to the end, and then reading it out loud to our two girls, Molly and Mae.
My life in the last year of our separation has been full of change. You will be happy to know that I have exorcised my demons – even the demon drink. I don’t think anyone believed it was possible and I had to die and be resurrected for it to happen, but it has. I am a free man.
However, through these changes I’ve become acquainted with aspects of the world I am now intricately involved in for better or worse. There is no way to say this which will sound anything but ridiculous to you, but this world is not a fixed unchanging place. People can and do manipulate it with their will, or technology, or the divine blessing of the saints – it happens in different ways, but I’ve seen impossible things happen – frequently.
Right now however, our world is going through such rapid and frequent change at the hands of a few powerful people, that I am afraid the end times may have in fact arrived. Things are falling apart. Many there are whose intentions are foul. There are three groups in particular who work for the destruction of everything. One you will know right away – the Atlanteans. Atlantis claims to be working for the betterment of the world, but their methods will result in nothing good. Another will be familiar to you though you do not know them by name – the Technocrats. They will introduce themselves as employees of Unity Corp or some other convenient public entity or they will appear as competent businessmen and scientists. They desire only control. The third will seem too far-fetched to be real: the Nephandi. They are people who crave the annihilation of existence, being near them will be like approaching the edge of nothingness incarnate.
I beg you to believe me, though this may all seem ridiculous to you. However, if this letter has done it’s job you need only search your heart and you will know the truth.
This brings me to the purpose for which I am writing. If you have read this aloud as I requested then you and each of our girls may call on me by voice if ever you are in danger. Shout my name aloud and wherever I am, I will know it. I am working for a better world for your sakes. Though only God can undo the damage I wrought in your lives, I can dedicate myself toward improving the future for us all.
I can’t, I never will stop loving you.

When the letter is finished Alistair folds the paper, which seems more real, more present than it had before. In comparison the table seems hazy and indistinct. He slides the folded paper into an envelope and seals it.

At once he begins praying over the envelope, running his amulet over the seal, and petitioning St. Columba for power and efficacy. He knows that he has imbued the text with an entropic effect continent upon the readers of the letter crying out his name. Should they trust him and do this when in trouble he is sure that the threads of fate will carry the message to him across the miles, because his own fate is connected to theirs. It is a small thing, but it gives him some comfort.

One thought on “Alistair’s Kin

  1. here, another example of how the ‘group template’ hamstrung some parts of the game. if you were all Hermetics, or whatever, then cohesion would have been built in, and there would be much much more room for this kind of character-development to take place in each of the PCs it was, the stakes kept having to be escalated so that cohesion would be forced.on the one hand, all of the confusion and disagreement meant a very interesting and entertaining game with an incredible diversity of things happening. on the other hand, it was often a serious mess, and there was always incredible grinding of gears before anything i’ve said over and over – live and learn.


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