Howard and the Technocrats

Ideas are rushing through his head – do this, do that, wouldn’t that be a good idea, how about this? – but few of them are good ones, and few of them stay there for longer than a minute or two. Still, one thought that does stick with Howard Mitchell as he’s looking about the newly decontaminated sanctum is that he should really bring that technocratic device down and plug it in. If something is to be done about the way the world is going, clearly we will need more resources than we have access to: resources that these Technocrats might just be able to provide. So with this in mind, he gets in the turbolift and heads for Sylvia’s office on the surface. Once there, he grabs the little sphere out of the desk drawer and heads back down the turbolift, walks into his room, and sets to work fixing the damaged device.

It takes him about ten minutes to get it into working order, and he places it on his desk next to the powered-armour schematic’s he’s been working on, plugs it in to the nearby powerstrip, and then looks at the little sphere expectantly.

11 thoughts on “Howard and the Technocrats

  1. Howard blinks. “Oh. Hey. I was just plugging in the technocratic communications device.” He points to the now fully powered and operational device which is, for the moment, dormant. “See, we don’t actually have the resources to do much on our own, but I was thinking that if we could take advantage of their resources, we might be able to get this world to switch tracks onto something more like the way it should be going. Or at least we could learn enough to stop the Rogue Council from changing it even more towards total destruction.”


  2. The device’s light flash to life and then go out, then light up one by one, flashing and then burning evenly, as if it is running a self-diagnostic.It projects a matrix of light above itself in a translucent sphere. In bright blue letters the words “SEARCHING FOR SIGNAL…” appear above the device. It hums slightly.


  3. Howard looks at the matrix, shrugs, disconnects all of the sanctum’s computers from the internet, and then attempts to plug in the device as best it can (assuming it has an ethernet port) to allow it net access.


  4. “Accessing…” The device seems to have fully booted up and is running. Its message flickers and then goes out, and is replaced by a hovering bust of Agent Winter. It is alarmingly lifelike, severe facial features, eyes like chips of ice.“Ah, good. I was beginning to think you were having second thoughts. Agent Winter is busy at the moment” the image smirks coldly, then goes on, “but we can speak at length until he is available. He’s been informed of the active connection.”“So. It seems we do not have much time. Destabilization is accelerating. We need to act soon. By ‘we’ I mean your cabal, Agent Flux and I, and other Technocratic elements who have made themselves known to us recently. As well as any other allies you may have…recruited.”“First, however, we should discuss what we know and what we infer. We know that there is a connection between this destabilization and the Rogue Council’s activities, particularly on Atlantis, but clearly that is spreading rapidly. We know that storm over the island is worsening – spreading and accelerating. We know that they have a powerful defense system which we have not been able to breach and which is connected to the storm.”“We infer that the storm will continue to spread until it is the only active weather system on the planet. We infer that the storm and the changes in our reality are linked somehow. We infer that these changes are not sustainable – for example, no one seems to have noticed that there is no functioning economy. Finally, we infer that the Scion is the end-point of all of this, and cannot be reasoned with – is in fact a Marauder who is in an irrevocable Quiet, as you might call it.”“Ok, now its your turn. Then we’ll clarify.”


  5. Alistair chimes in, “To be honest we don’t know much about da scion except he has a penchant for eating people – specifically one of our people. We don’t approve. That, and of course, whatever their goals their methods are completely inexcusable. Mind you we’ve never been a fan of your methods either.”


  6. Howard glances at Alistair, and then adds, “We also know that the Scion has some connection to a group of whack-jobs called ‘Nephandi.’ Exactly what kind of connection, we don’t know, but, ah, there’s this guy called Mister Gone who is a part of the Nephandi club called the, um…” Howard thinks for a minute, trying to recall. He snaps his fingers three times as it comes to him. “Malfeans. And he’s either manipulating the Scion towards his own ends or is allied with the Scion. I tend to lean towards the former rather than the latter. I would tend to infer that if a group dedicated to the complete destruction of EVERYTHING is either manipulating or allied with the head of the Rogue Council, this can only be a VERY BAD THING.”


  7. “Wack-jobs. Indeed. Obviously, we’re familiar with the Nephandi, and a connection to the Rogue Council would be unfortunate in the extreme. As for eating people – we are not aware of this. Are you perhaps referring to a theory centered on how he derives his power, or perhaps the source of the energy that powers their defenses?”


  8. “He’s referring to, uh, some sort of bizzare attempt by the, ah, Mister Gone I mentioned to somehow… feed someone’s dimensionally transcendent quantum matrix to the Scion. It sounds impossible of course, but impossible doesn’t mean what it used to.”


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