May 20 / Acts 16:16-34 Prayer

(As always, this prayer wasn’t entirely based on the scripture, but based on the confession of sin, scripture reading, the sermon, and the hymns)

God of truth and light
We seek to see
but even Paul couldn’t always see clearly
It is hard to see, in a time of war
in a culture that worships violence,
any hope for peace
It is hard to see
in a country building new prisons every day
in a world where “sex slavery” is even in our vocabulary,
any hope of freedom
It is hard to see, in terrible injustices,
in petty tyrannies, in poverty, racism, sexism, materialism,
a world about to turn

It is hard to see in our times of darkness,
of sorrow and pain
any light, any hope, any delight

And in times of light, we still don’t see you
we see our good luck, our hard work
but not grace

Help us to see by your light
The light of your word, the light of your spirit, the light of love
Help us to see by your light

3 thoughts on “May 20 / Acts 16:16-34 Prayer

  1. anon: the amen, in our worship service, comes at a later point. After this prayer is a time of silence during which the congregation offers its own prayers, and that for me is the focus of the time. The prayer is an intro to that participatory time, touching on things that have happened so far and putting my own thoughts in there. Then we say the Lord’s Prayer together, then comes a big amen. But thank you for the comment, its really flattering. I’m glad these are being enjoyed.


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