Agent Winter

The projected image flickers again, disintegrates into pixels, and then resolves in a higher-resolution image of Agent Winter. This one is slightly more animated, and his features appear a bit more deeply etched. He passes his hand briefly over his mouth, and it rasps over his stubble.

“Greetings. I apologize, I was otherwise engaged.”

“It seems that things are…more complicated than we guessed. Apparently, the defense system employed on Atlantis is based on the Chaos…Entropy effect that marks every member of the Rogue Council. I was not aware of the exact nature of the effect – it is not my specialty. But it has been…brought to my attention” his eyes flicker to the side, then back “that the nature of the effect is such that…whoever is bound by it will be bound to the ‘fate’ of the Rogue Council.”

“So, among other things, we need to discuss whether we are willing to risk bypassing these defenses by some other means. Or, if not, we will need to come up with other options quickly.”

8 thoughts on “Agent Winter

  1. Howard looks vaguely uncomfortable at the repeated use of the word ‘fate,’ but still, he understands probability at least. Well, on an Academic level. “If the defense is in some way connected with the probability of our assisting the Rogue Council, couldn’t we create a kind of temporary masking effect that accomplishes much the same thing? Something that would dissipate, either over time or on command. You know, trick fate. I’m not an expert on this particular subject, of course. Scott was the go-to guy for all things dealing with chaos and probability.”Howard thinks for a moment. “I think I still have a copy of his old Chaos program, actually. I wonder if we could engineer something from that?”


  2. Whoever you are, it looks like Agent Winter is looking at you.“Maybe. I expect that the system they have in place is quite sophisticated. It is possible that it detects determinism, or scans for probabilities and will only admit X where X is very high. If we are going to attempt to force it to mis-read, we should send someone in first as a test-case.”


  3. “If we’re going to do a trial run, I’d feel much more comfortable if it were an unmanned probe we used. Maybe mount up something on a weather balloon that will descend from above the storm down through the Eye. We could fix it up with instruments to give us real-time telemetry. We might need to rig it to automatically self-destruct once it reaches the ground, though, if we don’t want the equipment to fall into the hands of the Rogue Council.”


  4. Howard goes on, and impatiently. “But none of that addresses the more crucial issue here: if this Mister Gone and his Nephandi whack-jobs are manipulating the Rogue Council, or even controlling the Rogue Council, we need to stop them before they make things worse!”


  5. Agent Winter rolls his eyes slightly. “By sophisticated, I meant to imply that it can probably distinguish between a weather balloon and a human being.”“I seriously doubt that this Mr Gone is manipulating the Rogue Council. I don’t think you have any idea how powerful they are. There’s no evidence this Mr Gone exists. As for the Nephandi – I thought we made things clear when we spoke. We are discussing how to destroy the Scion and disintegrate the Rogue Council. Its more efficient to go directly to the source.”“Do you even have any idea of how to find the Nephandi? Or even Mr Gone? Do you think, even assuming you can destroy Mr Gone, that the Rogue Council will just roll over and stop what its doing?”“If you’re wasting your time going after them, let me know so we can end this conversation now.”


  6. here the sense that things are progressing in a certain direction breaks down.if you had joined with Winter – you would have been able to fool the defenses of Atlantis, and with Technocratic support you would have been able to possibly kill the Scion, or at least give them a chance to deploy a Doomsday Device they had built for this final gambit.the key would have been to release the Possibility Drive in the presence of the Scion, and doing that, Winter would have turned and tried to destroy it/you before it was fully deployed. if you thwarted him or defeated him, it would have gone off and caused something like…well, you’ll find out in the last session, hopefully 🙂


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