Howard Endgame


The whole idea seems impossible, but here it is. Here they are, riding on an Atlantean cargo transport. Not that Howard is seeing much of it at the moment, hiding in a deactivated stasis-box on the back of said cargo transport, heading for the checkpoint that is the last barrier that stands between them and their goal. Their selfmade destiny. Still, as he waits in the darkness, he is provided with the opportunity to think, and think he does. At first it’s all formulas and science, but then there is a bump in the road, and his armoured head clanks against the roof of his stasis-box. His thoughts fall silent.

Then, in the stillness, old words rise once again within his mind:
What is the fire?’

He thought he knew the answer, once, but he was only partially right. Knowledge is part of it, but not all – not the least part of the gift he intends to give to the New World they will build together. Engine. Heart. Dagger. Now, now he knows what the Fire is. Now he knows what Prometheus stole of old. The good servant. The bad master.

There’s another bump in the road. This time he’s ready for it.

What is the fire?

“Watch and see,” he replies, and in his eyes there burns the faint gleam of what can only be called Possibility.

Watch and see.

2 thoughts on “Howard Endgame

  1. Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be backDeep Regards from the other side of the Moon< HREF=" " REL="nofollow">Biby Cletus<>


  2. Thanks Bilby! I imagine this blog doesn’t make a lot of sense – it is based around a game that I am running with friends of mine in San Anselmo, California. I’m glad you enjoyed your reading. Some of the contributors to this blog have other blogs that we maintain that are more geared toward broad readership which may or may not interest you.Either way, thanks for dropping by!-Doug Hagler


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