As some of you know, I am going before my Presbytery in the near future to be examined for Candidacy. For those who are not Presbyterian, a Candidate is one step closer to ordination than an Inquirer, which is what I currently am.

As part of the jumping-through-flaming-hoops process, an Inquirer seeking Candidacy must write six statements – a statement about vocation in the Reformed tradition; a statement of personal faith; an analysis of at least one concept from the statement of faith; a statement on what it means to be Presbyterian; a statement of self-understanding; and a statement of the task of Ministers of Word and Sacrament and the Inquirer’s strengths and weakness for same.

For fun, I’ll posting at least some of the rough drafts of these statements on this blog. Some are by their very nature unexciting, but others should at least be up to the task of provoking comments, which I will shamelessly use to revise the statements whenever I feel they are helpful.

I’m hoping that this whole experience of moving to Candidacy won’t be one of strife and enmity and division – I have a good relationship with my Committee and liaison, and hope to have their support and the support of my home church. I’ve learned not to expect too much, however, in a context where divisiveness and conflict and absolutism seem to be the order of the day in my denomination, particularly when I take the (foolish?) risk of being honest and transparent (as much as I can stand to be).

We’ll see.

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