I have just recently finished running a Mage: the Ascension game with friends of mine here in San Anselmo. I think that the game was generally a success, though I certainly also learned a lot of things I can do better in the future.

As part of the game we maintained a blog which combined my writings, some out-of-character and some in-character, designed to add flavor to the world and move to plot onward, with the players’ writings, all in-character, aimed at developing them further or in response to things happening on the blog.

I think that the result has some real gems, honestly. Some really cool stuff that we worked together to create. I figured out belatedly that I could invite the players to post directly to the blog, but in our next game, this’ll be the case from the start, and the result should be even better.

In the meantime, check out our Mage game blog, which I’m leaving up for anyone’s reading enjoyment. I have added the tag: “Quality Writing” to note what I particularly liked of what we produced. Treat them like vignettes, perhaps, since only a few people will understand what these things mean/meant in context.

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