Reformed Vocation

I will be posting all six of my statements, followed by a post which contains links to them all so that they are easier to access.

The first is described as follows:

(1) a statement of his or her understanding of Christian vocation in the Reformed tradition and how it relates to his or her sense of call;

My understanding is that God had given every human being a vocation, which is God’s intent for their life and how it will be lived out. This vocation is holistic and comprehensive – it is not something you take up one day and put aside the next, but rather they way that one’s life is to be ordered in obedience to God. One’s vocation is the best way for them to love and serve God with everything they have and everything they are and to love and serve the people around them in the same complete way.

It is possible to discern one’s vocation through self-knowledge, gaining an understanding of the world around us, and worship. Through self-knowledge we come to understand what we are skilled in doing and what brings us joy. Through a greater understanding of the world around us we see the need that surrounds us and come to understand how we might attempt to answer that need. Through worship we encounter the living God and come to know God’s purpose for all life, as well as the prophetic witness of our tradition which calls us to humility and service.

2 thoughts on “Reformed Vocation

  1. probably because i think the theology of vocation is one of the strongest ones in the Reformed tradition. i really like it and basically accept it completely (which as you know is rare)


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