19 thoughts on “Because I’m Very Curious

  1. My own shorthand: YEC is Young Earth Creationism (Biblical literalist)OEC is Old Earth Creationism (Biblical-metaphorical)ED is Evolutionary Deism(God started it and let it progress according to natural laws)ET is Evolutionary Theism (God started it and continuous acts within it, though in subtle ways)EC is Evolutionary Creationism(God intervenes at certain necessary points in clear ways)ID is Intelligent Design (Some intelligence must exist to account for irreducible complexity)PE is Panentheism (There is a God, but not outside the Universe)


  2. Doh. I want to change my answer. I did ‘OEC’ but what I really meant was ‘ET.’ I was caught up in the idea of the six days being a metaphor for creation (which is an idea I don’t have any problem with – I do in fact view the Genesis account as being metaphorical), and didn’t think all of the implications of the language used.


  3. Doug,I voted OEC because given the way you phrased the options that was the option that I am most comfortable with. However, I do believe the best way to decide the issue is with a poll.Craig


  4. I assume you meant to type “do not believe”, and I agree with you. Like I said, I’m just curious where people come down. Ultimately, it really isn’t something that is decided by majority opinion on my little blog πŸ™‚


  5. I voted that I don’t like any of the options, and here’s why: I think the issue of creation is too complex to reduce down to any one option.I can agree with a mix and match combination of all the options <><>except<><> YEC and NCwSI (Naturalistic Causation without Supernatural Intervention).Simply put, I think God got the whole thing rolling (however God chose to do so) and keeps watch over it (however God choses to do so). Science has some answers, and so does Faith.


  6. QUESTION: Can you all see the results from the quiz, or do I need to post them? I can see them by clicking on a button at the bottom of the poll, but I don’t know if that’s because I’m logged in…


  7. The Atheistic Evolutionism is intended to be the one that talk as about the universe originating through naturalistic causes without intervention by the supernatural. I sort of forgot to add a little abbreviation after it though.For Panentheism – I actually find that in theology, in my experience at least, Pantheism and Panentheism aren’t distinguished very well most of the time. The model of the world as God’s body is the panentheism of Sally McFague, where God’s transcendence is similar to the transcendence of “mind” over “brain” i.e. seemingly more than the sum of its parts, and God’s immanence is rooted in the world similar to our relationship to our bodies. I thought it was a good example of panentheism from a modern theologian, a little more interesting than panentheism given as an example to be argued against, which I saw a lot more of.But of course I couldn’t add the mind/trascendence part efficiently in the space provided, so you got sort of a half-definition.Also, God as immanent and transcendent is pretty orthodox, and I’m not sure it is the same as panentheism per se – I think the difference is in *how* God is immanent and transcendent. But you’re right, in the definition given, I only talked about McFague’s concept of God’s immanence, which looks pantheistic, so that’s my bad.


  8. I couldn’t fit the definition of panentheism specifically with regards to origins, so I changed the ending to include (PE/PN) where PN is Pantheism, since what’s written could include either. What I was going for, vis origins, is that for a panentheist, or a pantheist, the question is changed somewhat, since God and the universe arise together, rather than God creating it from outside, or the universe arising without God.


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