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Last night at 11:52PM, Congress defeated the McGovern/Lewis amendment that would have cut the funding for the School of the Americas (SOA/WHINSEC) by a vote of 214 to 208.

I think that if our goal is to close terrorist camps in the Middle East, maybe we should start with our own most infamous terrorist camp. Really, even if that wasn’t our goal, it seems like a good idea to stop training people to torture other people. That seems, I dunno, evil.

So, if it bothers you that your Representative might have voted in favor of spending your tax dollars on the SOA, check www.soaw.org to see if they did, and if not, say “thanks for having the bare minimum of human decency”, and if they did, say whatever comes from the heart (but remember Dick Cheney is watching).

9 thoughts on “[Expletive Deleted]

  1. Yeah, we’re pretty much a pro-torture country, I’m surprised it was as close as that, to be honest. I’d have expected it to get shot right down. “What? Stop training people to hook people up to car batteries? Never!”


  2. Dear Doug,I’ve not been following legislation for a month or so. Thanks for bringing us up to date. I sent the following text via email to my representative:<>I am saddened, disappointed, displeased, and disheartened to discover that you voted “No” on H.R. 2764, the McGovern/Lewis amendment to cut the funding for the SOA/WHINSEC. At a time when you wave the flag of US patriotism and tell your constituents how important it is to fight terrorism, how could you dare to support the SOA, which is one of the worst terrorist training camps in the world? Just because the SOA is a US facility doesn’t mean that you can ignore that it is a terrorist training camp. The SOA has a long history of training dictatorships in the vile art of torture and inhumane treatment of peaceful people and is responsible for supporting innumerable military and political terrorist atrocities throughout Latin America. Changing the name to WHINSEC did nothing to change SOA methods and aims. By voting against H.R. 2764, you voted against freedom, democracy, and human decency. By voting against H.R. 2764, you voted for more injustice and murder in our hemisphere. Shame on you!<>Your link to SOAW didn’t go through. I suggest a direct link: http://www.soaw.org.Once again, thanks!Yours in Christ,Mark


  3. Bad news, but at least it was close. Have you ever been to the demonstrations at Ft Benning? I’ve intended to go, but have never quite made it. Maybe this will be the year… (BTW, thanks for the link! I took me by surprise!)


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  5. one of the themes of this blog is me getting people’s motivations wrong, but I have to say that I just don’t understand Dick Cheney. I heard a researcher interviewed on the radio say that about 5% of the human population is to some degree sociopathic, and maybe that’s the explanation. It just seems that Cheney always uses his power for evil – that is, to increase his own or his allies’ power without regard for the consequences for people outside his immediate circle of cronies.Maybe the guy is cuddling abandoned puppies and secretly tutoring homeless children or something, I don’t know. His public persona, the snide, cynical, authoritarian, ruthless and calculating guy who shoots his friend in the face and then gets a televised apology from the friend with buckshot still lodged in him – I don’t know. He seems to lack redeeming qualities of any kind.


  6. My representative responded by email. He said,<>Thank you for contacting me with your opinions regarding several current national issues. I am glad that you wrote me. It is clear that we do not share the same opinions on many issues, but we are fortunate to live in a society that supports differing views. As your representative, I will uphold that right. Although our opinions differ, I am here to work for you. Please feel free to write, call or email me if I can ever be of assistance to you in the future. For more information on my work in Congress or to send me an electronic message, visit the District website at http://…..<>Here is the reply I sent.<><>I received your form response to the email I sent you expressing my displeasure that you voted to continue funding the SOA terrrorist training camp. Your email stated, “It is clear that we do not share the same opinions on many issues, but we are fortunate to live in a society that supports differing views. As your representative, I will uphold that right.” I certainly hope you will, but I am still waiting to be convinced. The so-called Patriot Act, as well as the administration’s regular abuses of power and justice, call into question whether or not this will remain a free country. Your record as a representative has been to support the president and Republican Party special interests at the expense of substantive improvements in education, the environment, the economy (as it negatively impacts medium- and low-wage earners, not as it benefits those who are already wealthy), and peace around the world. Yes, “it is clear that we do not share the same opinions about many issues.” You seem to be unconcerned about the plight of those who suffer under the heavy hand of US political and military domination at home and abroad. Unless you have something more original and compelling to say than “it is clear that we do not share the same opinions”, please spare me any more form letters or emails. Rather, spend your time pondering the conviction of peace activists who languish in prison for daring to protest peacefully on government land in the hopes that the SOA will be closed and US sponsored terrorism will end. And ponder, too, how many more innocent people will be disenfranchised, hurt, maimed, or killed by people trained at the SOA you funded.<><>What good is voting in this country when the politicians do whatever they want? I’m sick of this sh*t.


  7. I am too. You know, you do what you can do, say what you can say, and that’s it. I’m not sure what important things have been accomplished by voting, but a lot of things have been accomplished in spite of it 😉


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